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Books about tinnitus abound the markets ranging widely in type of content, approach, reliability as well as prices. There are professional authors who have penned down well researched literature; there are physicists who have given professional advice; there are excellent firsthand accounts from people who have gone through the ordeal of suffering tinnitus.

Symptoms of Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a condition of the ear where ringing or buzzing kind of sounds are audible in the ear or the head of a person in the absence of any external sounds. This condition is variously treated as a symptom or a problem by itself. Depending on the perspective the diagnosis of tinnitus can vary somewhat and result in different methods of treating tinnitus. Whereas most view tinnitus as a medical condition arising solely from damage in the auditory canal, others look for the real cause that displays associated problems - such as in cases of high blood pressure or arterial blockages etc. To be able to take an informed decision about the course of treatment to take, it is indeed helpful to be able to read and understand the exact nature of the problem.

How to Stop Tinnitus:  Books about Tinnitus

  • Self management books on tinnitus are like guides on self help in learning to live with the problem and how best to carry on with daily life. Such books teach how to manage tinnitus and the related psychological problems that crop up with it anxiety, insomnia, depression etc.
  • Handbooks on hearing problems sometimes contain details of what to expect in such situations as well as information on new techniques of handling tinnitus. Such books can be informative and helpful in acquiring knowledge about the problem and options therein.
  • Personal evidences, such as "Tinnitus Miracle", can be very helpful since they are unbiased and non commercial (they are not promoting specific drugs), and hence they are highly recommended while combined with a medical practitioner guidance.
  • Technical books on tinnitus are packed with comprehensive and detailed aspects of the condition. These contain medical summaries for practitioners.
  • There are other books about tinnitus that project alternative theories that claim to cure tinnitus .
  • As opposed to these common schools of thought, there is a rising trend to view tinnitus as a sure sign that all is not well with the body. Books based on this approach project a multi disciplinary and holistic method of analysis and treatment.

Books About Tinnitus

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Books About Tinnitus

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