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Can Tinnitus be Temporary? Here is the ANSWER

Tinnitus is a medical term for a condition where ringing or buzzing sounds are audible in the ear without the presence of external sounds. Tinnitus can be a temporary condition or a long term chronic case. The causes for this condition can vary widely and is sometimes difficult to actually pin point any one causal factor responsible for the sounds to occur. 

Sounds of Tinnitus

Temporary tinnitus can be characterized by ringing, buzzing, whistling, humming or a crackling type of noise heard inside the ear usually, or at times said to be heard in the head as well. The pitch and intensity of these sounds differ in different cases. The intensity and tolerance of the tinnitus symptoms often vary as per the individual fitness and immunity levels of health. Some people experience tinnitus only in one ear and others can hear the sounds in both ears. The tinnitus sounds are constant in some cases and in others they are known to come and go intermittently.

Many times a temporary tinnitus will disappear after a very short bout. Sometimes the sounds linger on for a while – a few days in some cases – before disappearing. Any tinnitus symptoms that lasts more than a week’s duration should be checked by a physician for a professional diagnosis.

Cause of Tinnitus: Contributing Factors

·         Ear wax accumulation inside the ear

·         Ear infection

·         Any obstruction inside the ear

·         Certain medication

·         Blood pressure irregularities

·         Exposure to loud music for example after attending a rock concert with very high sound levels, a lot of people complain of hearing sounds in the ears long after the concert

·         Any physical injury especially around the head and neck areas.

·         Some people experience some mild form of tinnitus with advancing age

·         Temporary sinus condition or a severe case of cold can also induce temporary tinnitus

·         At times high levels of stress and anxiety sustained over a long period can cause tinnitus like symptoms that gets resolved with elimination of stressful situations and other relaxation techniques

·         Sometimes a mild ill health can bring on a condition of temporary tinnitus that gets treated by the body’s natural immunity.

Temporary tinnitus needs to be taken note of and steps to holistically assess total health of the body is called for. Sometimes temporary tinnitus can cause permanent damage if overlooked.

Can Tinnitus Be Temporary

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Can Tinnitus Be Temporary

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