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Cervical Spine and Tinnitus:
What is the Link?

Many medical journals report a close association of functional disturbances in cervical spine and tinnitus. Therapeutic findings in diagnostic procedures corroborate the clinical significance of a causal relation between cervical spine mobility and tinnitus . Several cases of tinnitus also report fluctuations in the intensity of ringing sounds in the ear (as is typical of the condition of tinnitus), along with neck muscle movements.

Tinnitus however is a difficult condition to pin down a clear and specific cause since it has so many causes and is more often than not present as a sign of deeper problems. A trip to the physician to ascertain or rule out some of the more common causes of tinnitus is most important when dealing with this medical condition. A physician can, with the help of instruments and manual examinations, possibly identify a more accurate picture by noting volume changes in sound pitch. The exact nature of symptom manifestation of tinnitus in this case is also difficult to list because tinnitus is a very subjective and specific condition that manifests differently in different people.

Cervical Tinnitus Treatments

  • If cervical tinnitus is confirmed, then it is most likely that physicians will suggest gentle stretching techniques as muscle relaxant. Some might prescribe medication simultaneously to bring immediate relief depending on the intensity of the problem.
  • If the situation demands Spinal mobilization techniques may be recommended. Sometimes this causes the tinnitus symptoms to disappear. However at times these techniques are also known to have aggravated the situation.
  • Many people suffering from cervical tinnitus go in for alternative medications when doctors give up.
  • Of all the alternative treatments that cervical tinnitus can go in for, a multi disciplinary and holistic option is the only one that can potentially offer a long lasting and viable solution to the problem.

Many times cervical spine and tinnitus problem can be resolved with simple exercises and taking precautions to minimize physical and mental stress levels. It is also important to clearly understand the problem through proper sources. Negative information about tinnitus can lead to increase in anxiety about the situation and can directly cause the problem to aggravate many folds. Running from one option to another in the hope of resolving the issue can also cause avoidable tension and stress which further contributes to the problem.

Although cervical malfunctions can be a primary cause of tinnitus, it is immensely worthwhile to treat the entire body holistically to find permanent cure.

Cervical Spine And Tinnitus

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Cervical Spine And Tinnitus

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