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Cold and Tinnitus: Is there a Link?

Sometimes cold and tinnitus seem to occur simultaneously and it is difficult to distinguish causes of one from the other. This is because a viral infection such as cold in this case has the potential to cause tinnitus which is a condition in which a person hears a buzzing, whooshing or ringing kind of noise in the ear or in the head in the absence of any actual noise being present. Sometimes this condition may be accompanied with a sensation of puffiness in the ear especially when tinnitus is caused by a cold.

Typical Symptoms of a Cold Induced Tinnitus:

  • The onset of tinnitus can be felt suddenly along with the occurrence of a cold or immediately after a bout of cold.
  • Sometimes tinnitus associated sounds are heard only in one ear and at times in either ears; or the sounds might seem to come somewhere from the middle of the head.
  • Even after the cold disappear the tinnitus symptoms can carry on long enough to cause anxiety to a person and lead to further escalation of the tinnitus problem since stress and anxiety are other causes of nerves related tinnitus.
  • Anxiety in this case can arise because the sounds seemingly refuse to go away and because the tinnitus sounds are loud enough to hinder sleep. Negative thoughts about the condition can also be a contributing factor.
  • At times an allergy to a prescribed antibiotic or over the counter drug taken to subside cold can also lead to tinnitus.
  • A simple case of cold can at times cause an ear infection and other sinus problems which then go on to cause tinnitus that is associated with ear infection or Eustachian tube malfunctions. 
  • People who suffer from tinnitus might find that the condition worsens when they are affected by cold. This could be a result of excessive pressure in the ear as a result of congestion or inflammation of the mucous glands which aggravates the preexisting tinnitus condition.

It is important to understand that in cases of cold and tinnitus the symptoms of tinnitus can sometimes linger on up to as much as six months or so. If other causes of tinnitus are medically eliminated then learning to reduce the intensity of tinnitus and undertaking holistic methods of keeping good overall health can bring great relief while waiting for the tinnitus to go away.

Cold And Tinnitus

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Cold And Tinnitus

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