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Different Types of Tinnitus: REVEALED

There are two major types of tinnitus categorized according to the manner of noise that is created in the ear.

Objective Tinnitus: The Main Symptoms

One is called the Objective type Tinnitus in which the noise is a pulsating type and can be heard by the Physician with the help of instruments. This type of pulsating noise is often found to occur in rhythm with the personís heart beat. The condition can crop up as a result of pressure in blood vessels which creates abnormality in blood flow. Pressure in the blood vessels can be a result of some form of blockage on walls of blood vessels as seen in people with high cholesterol levels. Blockage could also be a result of some abnormal growth such as a tumor near the ear region. The blockage impedes smooth flow of blood and there can be a gushing sound when blood passes through a narrow passage into the broad portion of the vessel. These sounds are also associated with what is called Heart Murmur Ė when the sounds originate from the heart. On the other hand, the sound could be a result of a simple situation such as wax accumulation in the ear. This type can be dealt with by surgical procedures etc.

Subjective Tinnitus: The Main Symptoms

The other type of tinnitus is the non-pulsating kind which is called Subjective Tinnitus . In this variety a ringing noise in the ear is audible only to the person himself/herself and not to anyone else. At times the noise can be loud enough to drown surrounding sounds. This is the more common of the two varieties. Reasons for the onset of this type of tinnitus can be numerous and its treatment therefore requires intensive examinations and analysis of a personís health and lifestyle. Manner of treatment in this type is also wide ranging. Over exposure to loud noise or nervous system related problems can trigger Subjective Tinnitus. At times a simple dietary change can relieve symptom. On the other hand if the origins are psychological issues, then therapy might be called for to address the situation. When causes of subjective tinnitus are more difficult to diagnose, holistic treatments have been known to yield results even when most physicians give up.

Tinnitus Relief and Cure

Indeed, holistic treatment that delves into root causes of the problem is the most effective way to combat both types of tinnitus. For example, even where surgery is recommended, a simultaneous change in lifestyle or dietary changes can work wonders and support recuperation and sustained health.

It is extremely important to discover the exact type of Ttinnitus before starting any kind of treatment. They are both treated differently and you will need a physicianís diagnosis to understand the nature of the problem.


Different Types Of Tinnitus

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Different Types Of Tinnitus

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