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Does Nasal Congestion Cause Tinnitus? Here is the ANSWER

Nasal congestion is a common cause of tinnitus . Being located in the vicinity of the ear a nasal congestion can easily lead to subsequent problems in the ear in the form of built up of pressure or fluid accumulation or inflammation of the middle ear. These conditions might or might not be followed by actual infection in the ear. Depending on how the nasal congestion affects the ear, the condition of tinnitus will vary in nature and severity.

Causes of nasal congestion that leads to tinnitus:

·         Nasal congestion as a result of a viral infection

·         Nasal congestion as a result of an allergic reaction to some triggers such as pollen etc.

·         Rebound congestion – occurring soon after cessation of medication or a situation of over medication

·         Acute sinusitis – which can sometimes indicate a more serious underlying problem

·         Rhinorrhea causing a runny nose condition 

The above conditions are typical of nasal congestion that can cause tinnitus . In these circumstances a person might hear ringing, buzzing or whooshing kind of sounds in the ear or the head region in the absence of any external sounds. The sounds can vary in pitch and duration. Mostly the tinnitus might just disappear soon after the nasal congestion stops. Sometimes the tinnitus sounds might persist for a longer duration due to some complication or spread of the initial infection into other areas in the region such as the ear.

The exact cause of the nasal congestion needs to be properly verified by a physician in order to ensure that the correct treatment is followed. While a viral infection might require medication when accompanied with fever, this might not be always called for. In most cases of nasal congestion one might find that a simple saline drop works wonders as a decongestant. This might be all it takes to get relief from the accompanying tinnitus too.

Tinnitus Relief and Treatment  

A word of caution here – it is better to go in for a natural and holistic treatment of this condition since a lot of medication used as decongestant can inadvertently lead to worsening of the tinnitus condition.  Most cases of nasal congestion are easily dealt with by the body’s own immune system. The most effective way of assisting the body in its own ways of healing is to provide support with plenty of rest and making sure that the condition does not worsen to give rise to other complications.

Does Nasal Congestion Cause Tinnitus

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Does Nasal Congestion Cause Tinnitus

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