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Drugs that Help Tinnitus: Pros and Cons

To be honest about it, no drug has so far been invented or is believed to be in the process of development that can help tinnitus in an enduring sort of way. True, there are drugs like Ginko Biloba or Echinacea that can be of some help to one suffering from this distressing disease, but their effects are short-lived and never up to the mark. One of the biggest reasons why conventional drugs and even some natural solutions may not be able to provide the results is because of the fact that, these are used to suppress the symptoms and not to cure the basic ailment.

Nevertheless, no harm would be done to anyone by taking a quick look at some of the more common drugs that are often prescribed by physicians practicing in the United States where an estimated 30 million people fall victim to tinnitus every year.

Drugs that help tinnitus (but have far reaching side effects)

  • Botulinum toxin
  • Clonazepam / Propranolol
  • Tricyclics  (Notriptyline / Amitriptyline)
  • Sodium fluoride / Etidronate
  • Acamprostrate
  • Lingnocaine
  • Carbazepine
  • Melatonin
  • Setraline

Tinnitus Help: Reasons as to Why these Drugs Fail to Achieve their Objectives

To be precise, Tinnitus is a multi-factorial disease where a number of issues are involved and unless each one of these is taken care of, the result will never become satisfactory. Besides, most of these are interrelated. For instance, Pulsatile Tinnitus can be caused by the narrowing of blood vessels reaching the head or neck region, which again is caused by high level of cholesterol build up within the blood vessels. This has obviously resulted from high blood pressure caused by high level of stress or strain. So, unless the stress and strain factor is resolved, tinnitus will never go away. This, as one can well appreciate, is a difficult proposition for a person living in the modern day society unless he or she can take a holistic approach towards solving the problem.

Tinnitus is also caused on account of inner ear (Cochlear) nerve damage which cannot be repaired externally. The only way to let it function normally is to allow it to repair itself internally. But this can never be done unless the body regains its full vigor and vim that has been lost by leading a wasteful life. This again is not possible unless the person takes a holistic approach towards solving the issue by a change of lifestyle that involves banishing  meat or meat-based food products from the dining table, dismantling the bar and removal of all alcoholic drinks, consuming organic food, fruits and vegetables and practicing yoga as well deep breathing on a regular daily basis.

Then there is the sinus congestion issue to be taken care of since in its chronic form, this also contributes to tinnitus in a fairly big way – it actually works as a trigger. In fact, most chronic catarrh, i.e. inflammation of the mucous membrane is manifest as an infection as well as congestion of the sinuses, Eustachian tubes and nasal or throat membranes that creates headaches, breathing problems and ringing in the ears. Although anti-allergy agents and decongestants often prove effective at the early stages, they too become ineffective.

Drugs that help tinnitus versus the holistic approach

To sum it up all logically, the holistic approach takes care of all the three underlying factors that are responsible for tinnitus or the ringing tome within the ear in the following manner since drugs are unable to do so.

  • Acute level of stress and anxiety is controlled through holistic living that also controls the blood pressure level.

  • With the stress level reduced below the heightened stage and blood pressure coming down to normal range, blood vessels do not become narrowed, thus allowing free blood flow to the head and neck region.

  • With free flow of blood in the vital area and level of stress also nearing average, the Cochlear nerve damage gets routinely repaired.

The Path to Tinnitus Cure

Sadly enough, taking drugs to get rid of tinnitus is not only a waste of valuable time and money, it will invariably result in a series of side effects that can cripple a person beyond repair. That is because most conventional drugs try to just fix the external symptoms whereas the internal root causes of the problem remains. And this is the case with many herbal remedies and home solutions as well. Moreover, some powerful antibiotics prescribed for tinnitus aggravates the disease condition more than they cure it. The only mode of getting relief from tinnitus is to follow a holistic course so that the body’s internal mechanism will eventually banish tinnitus in a natural yet enduring way. And of course, you must first try to find out all the contributing factors and fix them permanently – and only then would your tinnitus go away.

Drugs That Help Tinnitus

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Drugs That Help Tinnitus

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