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Drugs To Cure Tinnitus:
Are They Really Effective?

Drugs to ‘cure’ tinnitus are a misnomer because the condition of tinnitus is caused by several factors in the general health of the body. Therefore specific drugs that can eliminate tinnitus on their own do not exist. As a matter of fact most physicians talk of this medical condition as incurable. 

A lot of medication that a doctor prescribes as drugs to cure tinnitus are mostly palliative and only intended to impart some relief to a patient. They do not in fact cure or indeed even attempt to solve the real and root problem that manifests in tinnitus.

Relevance of drugs to tinnitus:

Drugs do contain some degree of relevance to tinnitus.

  • Sometimes tinnitus can manifest in serious forms and is capable of severely crippling a person’s life. In such cases one might find immense relief from drugs prescribed by a professional physicist.
  • Some of the common drugs associated with tinnitus are – acamprostate based drugs, tricyclic antidepressant, botulinum toxin drugs, melatonin, setraline or carbazepine formulations, lingnocaine etc. This list is by no means comprehensive.
  • Although drugs by themselves cannot cure tinnitus, they do offer a great deal of respite from the symptoms of tinnitus.
  • Timely medication also ensures that the condition of tinnitus does not regress or cause further complications due to anxiety and stress.
  • Tinnitus arising out of health issues such as high blood pressure needs medication that has to be adhered to strictly and taken in prescribed dosages. In this sense there is a direct and indispensible relation between drugs that can contribute to curing tinnitus.

Tinnitus Relief and Treatment

A physician will have his or her own method of analysis and diagnosis of tinnitus and might follow up the conclusions with medication or sound masking treatments or both. The exact course of treatment and medication that a doctor would decide to take is always subjective to a large extent and its effectiveness is always dependent on an individual’s personal response to the treatment.

By its very nature the condition of tinnitus cannot be resolved by drugs alone. While they might be necessary to control or support the treatment process, reliance on drugs alone will at best offer short term relief from the problem. Many times drugs themselves end up being the cause of the problem without a patient ever realizing the relation.

Reliance on drugs to cure tinnitus requires close monitoring and careful evaluation of progress. They work best when accompanied with a holistic form of treatment for the entire body.

Drugs To Cure Tinnitus

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Drugs To Cure Tinnitus

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