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Eye Exercises Provide Relief In Tinnitus:
Myth Or Fact?

Although there seems to be no direct relation between eye condition and the development of tinnitus, eye exercises for tinnitus appear to have some influence over the degree of auditory noise in some people. Experiences that support this view none the less substantiates that the exact nature of effect that eye exercises have over the intensity of tinnitus can vary widely from person to person. While some find the high pitch noise of tinnitus reducing with eye movements, others might feel quite the opposite. In some instances individuals have been known to be able to modulate the pitch and loudness of noise with eye movements. 

There have been enough reports to suggest that since certain types of repetitive movements can at least alleviate the condition of tinnitus, it might be worth a try to explore the possibilities after consultations with a doctor to rule out the more serious nature of tinnitus – that might require surgery for example.

Yoga Eye Exercises for Tinnitus Relief:

The following eye exercises are an excellent way of acquiring control over eye muscles.

  • Sit comfortably with your back erect and head held high. Take couple of deep breaths and relax. Remember not to move your head or neck at all during the exercises.
  • Focus your eyes at a point far away from you (preferably outside the window if you are next to one) and shift focus quickly to the tip of your nose; Repeat five times.
  • Shift eyes up to look at a spot on top – directly above you; and shift gaze quickly to a spot on the floor (directly below). Repeat five times.
  • Now do the next five exercises moving eyes from extreme left to right.
  • In the last set of exercises, roll your eyes clockwise to form a full circle five times and repeat going the other way around.
  • Now to give the eye some rest, rub your palms together and cover your closed eyes for a few seconds. Repeat three times.

These exercises can tone up the eye muscles very well and for those of you who find relief through eye modulation, it could work wonders. Besides, the exercises are excellent for the eyes themselves. It can never be over emphasized that the only fool proof course of treatment for tinnitus is an overall holistic approach to the body’s health.

Eye Exercises For Tinnitus

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Eye Exercises For Tinnitus

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