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Fungal Sinusitis and Tinnitus:
Discover the Link.

Fungal sinusitis and tinnitus have a high likelihood of occurring simultaneously. Sinus related complications are more often than not found to be a crucial link to the presence of tinnitus – where a person hears ringing or buzzing kinds of sounds in the ear or head regions in the absence of any external sounds.

Chronic Sinusitis and Fungal Sinusitis

Sinus cavities are located in the areas around the nose and behind the eyes. An infection in these areas can cause excess mucus accumulation, inflammation and a lot of pain. While acute sinusitis lasts usually for about three weeks and is triggered by a virus attack, chronic sinusitis lasts for a longer duration and is usually caused by a fungal infection, an allergy or even an immune system disorder. If chronic sinusitis is not examined carefully the symptoms and the condition can carry on indefinitely until the right treatment is taken.

While most sinus problems are commonly treated with medications including antibiotics, fungal sinusitis can be more complicated since antibiotics cannot eliminate fungal traces and the condition can deteriorate if not attended to in time. In fact, an invasive type of fungal sinusitis can lead to serious conditions. Sinus problems should not be taken lightly and attempts at healing the body should be undertaken right away.

Relation between Fungal Sinusitis and Tinnitus:

·         In a lot of cases fungal sinusitis have been found to be a primary cause of tinnitus . The accompanying tinnitus in cases of fungal sinusitis causes further annoyance in patients. Mostly, attempts at curing the tinnitus symptoms separately offer little relief from the sounds of tinnitus.

·         The built up of pressure as a result of the inflammation that fungal sinusitis causes can affect the ear and create abnormalities in the manner that sound waves are transmitted to the brain. This type of abnormality is typically exhibited in high pitched sounds in the auditory canal. The intensity of such sounds can vary; the duration of sounds too can differ in different cases. Mostly, a person’s personal health and immune system functionality will determine how sinusitis affects the person, and the accompanying tinnitus.

Tinnitus Cure: The Proven Way

For a reliable treatment of tinnitus one needs to deal with the sinus condition first. Usually treatment of the sinusitis will automatically resolve the tinnitus issue too. But in order to ensure that sinusitis does not recur, one would need to evaluate the entire body holistically and treat not just the sinuses but the whole immune system of the body.

Fungal Sinusitis Tinnitus

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Fungal Sinusitis Tinnitus

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