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Headache with Tinnitus:
The Link Revealed!

Headache with tinnitus is often found occurring simultaneously in several cases of tinnitus. The causes of headache accompanied with tinnitus can have many contributory reasons.

Causes of tinnitus with headache:

         Any physical injury whether significant or not contains the possibility of a hemorrhage or hematoma. Such situations can display symptoms of headache along with tinnitus. Identifying such a condition requires a CT scan.

         Sinus infection or lesions can lead to headaches with tinnitus. Sinus related conditions leading to inflammation of the mucus membrane can also manifest typical ringing sounds in the ear or the head. These sinus conditions can bring on a generalized headache and sounds in the ear, sometimes followed by fever as well. A condition called Cerebral Sinus Thrombosis is particularly related to the presence of headaches and ear problems.

         Other forms of infection in the body can also initiate headaches.

         Hypertension and its related health problems are also associated with tinnitus as well as headaches.

         Presence of any abnormal growth that cause obstruction or otherwise interferes in the normal functioning of the body can display symptoms of headaches and tinnitus. The presence of a tumor whether benign or malignant, can cause similar symptoms.

         Brain tumors are especially associated with headaches and tinnitus ringing sounds in the ear or the head regions. Headaches in this case are usually known to be more severe and intense in the early mornings.

         Tinnitus and headaches sometimes precede or follow a stroke. The intensity of headaches and the sounds of tinnitus can vary widely for different people.

         Any rupture or pressure on carotid or vertebral arteries can cause symptoms such as headaches with tinnitus to appear. This condition may also display other discomforts and can at times lead to the occurrence of a stroke.

         Certain drugs and medications are known to cause headaches with tinnitus.

         Low immunity levels in the body can induce signs of ill health in the form of headaches and tinnitus.

         Anxiety about tinnitus sounds can cause headaches.

In a lot of the above mentioned cases, headaches with tinnitus can coexist with other symptoms. The onset of sudden and severe headache is cause for concern and consultation with a physician is essential for a professional diagnosis before taking any treatment. Any sign of ill health requires a holistic and multi disciplinary treatment in order to regain and retain good health.


Headache With Tinnitus

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Headache With Tinnitus

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