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Does Homeopathic Treatment
WORK for Tinnitus?

For an average individual, homeopathy appears to be consisting of many contentious issues that has to be fully understood before proceeding further in this divisive form of treatment. For instance, the fundamentals of homeopathic treatment centers round the axiom that ‘Like cures Like”. Does this mean that whatever causes an ailment is to be applied for treating that same ailment? The conscientious rejoinder to this diabolical debate is both yes and no!

‘Yes’ in the sense that according to homeopathic presumptions, when the ingredients that provoke a disease is introduced or administered orally into the body of the person, it works like a vaccine and cures not only the disease but also the person. And it is also ‘No’ because it is the dosage that makes all the difference. The crux of the matter lies in the homeopathic fact that the more the ingredients are diluted, greater becomes its potency. Eyebrows may be raised here when the homeopath declares that when the dilution reaches the 1000 mark, it is an atom bomb!

Homeopathic Treatments for Tinnitus: Examples

  • Sodium sulfate, if consumed in heavy dose will provoke diarrhea in most people; whereas an extracted homeopathic dose of the same substance will cure diarrhea completely.

  • A full potency dose of Ipeca (a homeopathic medication) will make a person retch like hell, but a diluted dose of the same Ipeca will control nausea and vomiting quite satisfactorily.

  • Graphites (also a homeopathic preparation) when applied in maximum dose will affect a person’s hearing; but in much diluted dose, it can cure deafness and tinnitus.

Tinnitus Cure by Homeopathy: Does This Really Work?

Now let us focus more on homeopathic cures for tinnitus. However, the initial reference to details about the patient before a homeopath, who prescribes the medication, can prove exasperating to an individual. The opening session with a homeopath who is going to treat tinnitus may take the following form or course.

  • Is the patient fond of sweets or his/her preferences are otherwise.
  • Does the patient feel more comfortable when he/she is outdoors or feels better when in a room?
  • What time of the day or night the patient seems to be full of energy.
  • How the patient is affected by going to mountain resorts or relaxing on the beach.
  • Does the patient sleep well; if so, when the slumber is deep – in the beginning or much later in the night?
  • Does the patient dream often?
  • The dreams are terror stricken or are mostly pleasant?

Now, all these may seem totally out of context, as far as tinnitus is concerned, but they are actually very relevant to the homeopath.

However, here is a listing of some of the homeopathic cures that are generally prescribed for tinnitus patients but all of them they may not be suitable to everyone.

  • Carbo vegetabilis (Carbo veg in shorter form) is often given to tinnitus patients who also suffer from nausea and vertigo. Although feeling cold all the time, has a longing for fresh air.

  • Calcarea carbonica (Calcerea carb in shorter form) is prescribed to patients who get pulsing or crackling sounds in the ear and have hearing problems, too.

  • Cinchona officinalis (China in short form) is also for tinnitus patients who are very sensitive to external noise. They are easily fatigued and sweat heavily.

  • Chininum sulphuricum is for those who have ringing, roaring and buzzing sounds in the ear with a predisposition for vertigo.

  • Cimicifuga is ideal for those that suffer from tinnitus as also from pain in the neck and back region. Cimicifuga females suffer from menstrual problems and headache.

  • Coffea cruda is meant for nervous patients with tinnitus who complain about vibrations emanating from the back of the head.

  • Kali carbonicum (Kali carb in short form) can cure patients that complain about cracking, roaring and ringing noises in both eras. Vertigo, especially on turning, is yet another symptom that matches Kali carb.

  • Lycopodium is for those who hear humming and often roaring sounds in both ears. There is a tendency of reverberating noise coming fro the ears. Are generally prone to ear infection with smelly discharge. 

  • Natrum salicycum is for those that hear a kind of low, tedious humming sound in both ears. Best for patients with Menier’s Disease. Also good for patients who have tinnitus as a result of consuming Aspirin group of medicines.

Tinnitus Treatment: The Permanent Path

Even though homeopathic medications often prove helpful for tinnitus patients, the cure nevertheless is transitory in nature. For enduring cure of this agonizing disease and freedom from tinnitus , the only course left is to take a holistic approach towards that will train the body in such a way that the root causes of tinnitus (there can be many of them) will eventually disappear. Holistic remedies treat the body as a whole, and first identify the root causes before suggesting the remedy. This is much more effective than those remedies that just treat the symptoms and not the root causes of the problem.

Homeopathic for Tinnitus

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