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How Long Will Tinnitus Last?

Even though for many Americans (more than 40 million of them) Tinnitus is a life-time- condition that is yet to be put under control, to others it is a challenge that has to be sorted out in terms of figuring out remedial measures. But alas, while the former consists of a pessimistic yet practical minded group that has accepted defeat even before the war began, the second is yet to know where they stand. Tinnitus, to be honest about it, is a stand-alone mischief that defies the medical world (at least among those who practice conventional medicine), snuggling behind the cochlear nerves (in the inner ear) and sending out unrelenting array of resonance that range from minute tinkles to machine gun firing.

How Long Will Tinnitus Last: The Condition Has A Long History

Nevertheless, to an inquisitive individual it may pose a serious question as to why such an ailment which has been tormenting mankind for ages, right from 1600 B.C. or earlier when the Egyptians had complained about it, remains unsolved till this date. More so, since medical science has tackled much bigger issues like eradicating malaria, tuberculosis, black water fever and many such deadly diseases. The answer may lie in a few simple facts. Initially, Tinnitus is not a life-threatening disease that may kill many and secondly, it has caught the limelight only very recently. But as things stand now, there is no permanent respite from this disease, at least for those who are seeking conventional remedies.

Different Types of Tinnitus

Meanwhile, tinnitus has spread its tentacles far and wide and has developed into many forms and types. There are subjective tinnitus and objective tinnitus – some are unilateral while others are bilateral. Pulsatile tinnitus is so perceptive that it lets its host listen to his/her own heartbeat. Then there are chronic sinusitis tinnitus and somatic tinnitus that are caused by disorders that lie outside the ear or nerves but very much within the head or the neck region.

However, medical doctors, herbal therapists and sensational quacks have all joined hands to lure the unsuspecting but frantic tinnitus patients into believing that each of their products will free the patient of the woes of tinnitus, some in a matter of days while others guarantee a relief within a ‘week or two’. Herbal gurus ever in praise of Gingko biloba promise relief from tinnitus for good and a handful of enterprising medics, at a lump some cost, resort to Lidocaine infusion technique as a short-term measure to provide relief to tinnitus sufferers for whom the disease has crossed all reasonable limits.

Following the dictum that says’ necessity is the mother of invention’, people have invented masking devices to deviate the attention of tinnitus patients from their internal ringing sound to external noise patterns in the form of CDs that can be played through an ear phone that is stuck to the ears of the hapless tinnitus victim. The sound patterns range from attention-grabbing cockpit noise of a jetliner flying high in the sky to murmuring of leaves in an autumn evening. Though this may do the trick in a 12-year old child who is yet to become familiar with the marvels of worldly acoustics, how this can divert the attention of a worldly wise septuagenarian remains a mystery. Nevertheless, the CDs sell well and people seem to enjoy the diversion to some extent. But the truth is, the problem remains – these are just measures to get some relief.

How Long Will Tinnitus Last? Depends on the Cure Used

For the individual who is suffering, this in indeed a very relevant question and one to which the person seeks an answer often. But there does not seem to be an easy answer. The fact is, all conventional remedies can do is treat the symptoms of the disease and since its root causes remain hidden within the body, the symptoms almost always makes a quick comeback, as soon as the effects of the drugs are gone. And as a result, once the problems of tinnitus are evident, it may seem to the individual that they may last forever, at least for a very long time.

But that need not be the case – that is, if you opt for holistic remedies. These remedies can in fact give you a permanent relief from tinnitus very quickly. Instead of just treating the symptoms of the disease, holistic remedies treat the body as a whole and find out the root causes of the ailment and also the triggers that set them off. Once they are identified, the correct line of treatment can be prescribed that can range from herbal drugs to acupuncture, exercise, lifestyle and diet changes. With holistic remedies, tinnitus can be treated effectively, quickly and permanently.

How Long Will Tinnitus Last

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How Long Will Tinnitus Last

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