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Ibuprofen and Tinnitus Link REVEALED

Anti inflammation ototoxic drugs like ibuprofen and others such as aspirin and acetaminophen have been known to aggravate the condition of tinnitus. Ibuprofen and tinnitus has a high degree of causal relation in people who are more susceptible to the auditory condition where low frequency sounds are audible in varying pitches in the ear due to several health related issues.

Ibuprofen Can Cause Tinnitus in the Following Ways:

  • In people suffering from tinnitus as a result of inflammation in and around the ear canal regions a general physician might prescribe ibuprofen as an inflammation retardant. In this case a person might – as seen in certain cases – land up with a distinct increase in the sounds associated with tinnitus.
  • People who have no prior instance of tinnitus can also end up with symptoms of tinnitus after unrelated course of medication involving ibuprofen. For example, ibuprofen prescribed to take care of a tooth ache or a shoulder pain can indirectly lead to tinnitus symptoms. In such cases termination of the drug and replacing it with other non steroid based drugs (if the pain and inflammation is unbearable) should be considered.

In any case, consultation with the physician – even in a case of suspected ibuprofen reaction – is essential so that a correct replacement or alternative treatment can be safely considered. A frank and free discussion with the physician can help you take an informed decision about ways to treat the ibuprofen - related tinnitus problem.

An important fact to understand in a common drug related problem is that many time we tend to take recourse to self medication in apparently ‘simple cases’ that we believe can be treated easily with brands of drugs that we have grown up hearing.  Ibuprofen is one such drug that seems ‘safe’ to take without consultation with the doctor about its relevance and dosage. Wrong! Self medication can lead to serious complications that can sometimes leave permanent damage.

On the other hand, a little knowledge about how our body operates and reacts to drugs can go a long way in understanding issues when things sometimes go wrong. Information can prevent many adverse situations that sometimes arise because of over dosage of a common medication.

A logical corollary to developing an educated awareness about our bodies will also eventually reveal to us the absolute importance of appraising our health issues in a holistic manner that takes into account all parts and functions of the body in an all inclusive approach.

Ibuprofen For Tinnitus

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Ibuprofen For Tinnitus

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