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Lidocaine Infusion as Tinnitus Cure: Success Rate UNCOVERED

No matter how high or low Lidocaine infusion success rate in tinnitus sufferers could possibly be, two things may be considered first before opting for this form of booster relief strategy. Factor number one relates to its extremely short-lived reprieve – effective from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours at the maximum while factor number two concerns its limitation – it would not be effective if the tinnitus has been caused due to any external issue, like formation of benign tumor within the ear. Yet people go for this like a drowning man seeking the support of a sinking log.

Despite the serious drawbacks described above, numerous tinnitus patients go for Lidocaine infusion as they presume their problem has been caused due to some minor damage to the ear and that Lidocaine can possibly take care of it. Others take it casually ‘to see how it works’. Yet another group of people feel that it is the only available sure fire relief, there being none looming large anywhere. Whatever be the motivation, Lidocaine appears to be a hot favorite among tinnitus patients irrespective of its serious shortcomings.

What Is Tinnitus?

Viewing retrospectively, one may be amazed to observe that the history of infusion range of tinnitus treatment dates back 1600 B.C. when it was practiced by the Egyptians. Even Aristotle was more than eloquent about the merits of infusion treatment of tinnitus, signifying that the great Greek philosopher was himself a victim of this auditory ailment. Nevertheless, the topic has come to limelight only very recently since earlier people took it in their stride as a part of life when they grew older.

But now things are different. People today are conscious of the quality of life and want to lead a healthy life. And that’s precisely why researches are conducted on various levels to find out the causative factors of tinnitus to figure out the methods of treatment to cure this distressing disease. Tinnitus, when judged in its proper perspective, affects tremendously a person’s lifestyle. It robs an individual’s peace of mind and the power of concentration while turning sleep into a nightmare. The very idea of more than 44 million Americans struggling with tinnitus with agony written large on their faces is itself a dreadful experience.

Lidocaine Infusion as Possible Tinnitus Cure

Apart from its short-lived action on tinnitus, though the success rate could be fairly high; in terms of curative power, Lidocaine is as inadequate as many of the OTC medications found all over the country. As an intravenous injection, the drug literally numbs all nerve endings, thus providing a fleeting pseudo relief to patients. And as soon as it wears off, back comes the whooshing, hissing, crackling, ringing tinnitus torments.

However, Lidocaine does not prove effective to all. Relative Lidocaine insensitivity runs in many families. Also, people with certain syndromes are not affected by Lidocaine while in dental anesthesia, Lidocaine often proves ineffective due mostly to unusual nerve endings. However, the contraindications of Lidocaine are fairly high and so are listed below.

  • 2nd or 3rd degree heart block for patients who do not wear a pacemaker
  • Acute sinoarterial block for people who do not wear a pacemaker
  • Hypotension not induced by arrhythmia
  • Bradycardia
  • Unfavorable drug reaction to Lidocaine
  • People under treatment with guanidine or other analogous potent drugs

Lidocaine, incidentally, has never been proved as a cure for tinnitus, even though for a few minutes. At best, it provides momentary relief to tinnitus patients who are once again subjected to the agonies of the ailment after the Lidociane spell is over. The only true freedom from Tinnitus comes from adoptind healthy lifestyle:

Tinnitus Relief by Adopting Healthy Lifestyle

  • Shunning tobacco in all forms

  • Eliminating meat, meat-based food items like ham, bacon, sausages and tinned meat from daily diet.

  • Giving up alcohol or alcohol-based beverages

  • Consuming fruits and vegetables, cereals and whole grains as staple diet

  • Refraining from the use of OTC Tinnitus medications, herbal formulations and homeopathic cures.

  • Avoiding antibiotics or other forms of ototoxic drugs unless urgently recommended by a physician of repute

  • Avoiding anti-allergic nasal spray to control sinusitis

  • Starting yoga and Vedic exercises  including deep breathing on a regular daily basis. 

Tinnitus Remedy: the Effective Alternative

Changing the lifestyle to suit the holistic pattern will improve the body’s immune system thoroughly to fight external causes of tinnitus while it would automatically help reducing strain, one of the major factors that are responsible for the disease condition.

Holistic remedies treat the body as a whole and first identify the root causes of tinnitus that can be many and instead of treating the symptoms (which is what the conventional approach does), treat these root causes. And only these contributing factors go away, you are able to get rid of the symptoms automatically.

Lidocaine Infusion Tinnitus Success Rate

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Lidocaine Infusion Tinnitus Success Rate

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