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Medical Treatment for Tinnitus Doesn't Work in the Long Run

To be honest about it, no state-of-the art medical treatment has yet been revealed to treat tinnitus (as far as the conventional medical practices are concerned) although millions of Americans keep suffering from the agonies of hearing mysterious phantom sounds in their ears day after day, month after month and year after year with no respite whatsoever in sight. The resonance range from continuous soft ringing in the ear to ghoulish hissing or whooshing that turns a person crazy if not roving mad. The reasons for this medical apathy towards providing a proper treatment regime for this awful predicament may sound awry but at the same time, it is true. It appears that neither the medical fraternity nor the pharmaceutical giants that are ever busy in turning out medications that bring colossal profit to their corporate bodies are much perturbed with the agonies of tinnitus since it is not life-threatening. In other words, the state of conventional medical treatment for tinnitus looks awfully poor.

However, there is some medication that is currently available as OTC formulations in assorted names, cartons and hermetically sealed bottles. But these are nothing but anti-allergens or anti-depressants that are capable of creating side-effects that often become more hazardous than the tinnitus itself. Because of this, they should better be avoided to retrieve whatever is left of that precious possession called the mental peace. 

Drugs that Help Tinnitus 

When the distressing sound effects of tinnitus go beyond the limit of tolerance, some go for short-term remedies in the form of infusion treatments in which, a mild form of anesthetic formulation is introduced into the body of the sufferer in the form of an IV injection. Popularly called Lidocaine Infusion Therapy, it provides relief that lasts only from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours (maximum) depending on the patientís constitution. However, even this expensive very short-lived respite from tinnitus does not extend its helping hand to all. Patients who suffer from external causes like tumors in the middle year are however beyond the purview of Lidocaine infusion. Also disqualified are patients whose family background (because of some disease that runs in the family) does not permit Lidocaine infusion. Then there are people who have had 2nd or 3rd degree heart blocks and they are not provided with pacemaker or those people who had suffered from acute sino-arterial block and have no pacemaker installed in their bodies.

Medical treatment for tinnitus may also include osteopathic adjustments and chiropractic manipulations where the spine is realigned through a form of deep muscle, deep tissue massaging. Since a wrongly aligned spine or spinal muscles can rarely but evenly give rise to tinnitus, a correctly aligned spinal muscle often sets things right.

Acupuncture, though not falling strictly under medical treatment of tinnitus in countries other than in the East, nevertheless proves to be an effective treatment for tinnitus patients. In China , it has been reported that with a few needles planted on different parts of the body, can give positive results. The surgeons do open-heart surgery while the patient talks to the doctor about his troubles. No wonder, if such techniques are used in the West, tinnitus problems may get solved. 

Tinnitus Treatment That Really Works

However, as things stand today, a holistic way of treatment is the only answer for a permanent cure of tinnitus. Of course it involves leading an austere lifestyle that includes practicing yoga and vedic exercises, eliminating meat and meat-based products from daily diet, total abstinence from alcohol or alcohol based beverages, giving up tobacco in all forms and sustaining mostly on fruits, vegetables and organic food products. When the body is ultimately tuned in this way, it will be able to tackle all the three causative factors of tinnitus that are described below

  • Sinus congestion factor
  • Stress and anxiety related factor
  • Cochlear middle ear nerve related factor

In fact, most holistic tinnitus treatment followers believe that as the body successfully settles the first two primary factors, the third factor, namely the one that concerns the nerve endings would automatically regain their original shape and form and stop sending incoherent signals to the brain. And the brain cells in turn will stop transmitting mysterious sound effects to the ear drums.

The holistic approach treats the body as a whole and first identifies all the root causes of tinnitus and also its triggers and once this is done, the correct treatment to cure these root causes are recommended. On the other hand, conventional remedies just treat the symptoms of the condition, and since the root causes remain unattended to, the tinnitus often comes back. This is indeed the much better approach for a permanent remedy.

Medical Treatment For Tinnitus

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Medical Treatment For Tinnitus

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