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Mesalamine Induced Tinnitus: REVEALED

Mesalamine otic tinnitus refers to the specific condition that is considered to be a result of damage in the ear related regions subsequent to administration of mesalamine medications. In order to understand how such a situation occurs, we need to understand the usages of mesalamine and its various side effects.

Mesalamine and its relation to tinnitus:

Mesalamine is an anti inflammatory agent that is available in various forms such as tablets, capsules, granules or as enema. It works in the body by inhibiting substances that cause swelling and pain. Mesalamine is usually prescribed to treat inflammation in the digestive tract, especially to treat ulcerative colitis and Crohns disease. It is sold in the market under many different brand names and its dosages depend upon their specific compositions (of mesalamine content).

Although mesalamine is supposedly effective in tackling its primary intention, unfortunately the drug contains many side effects. The main side effects of mesalamine consist of diarrhea, cramps, blood disorders, allergic reactions, tinnitus and many others.

Tinnitus symptoms that follow a course of mesalamine drugs can surface either as a constant or as a pulsating type of ringing or buzzing kind of sounds in the ear or the head. These sounds can be high pitch or low pitch sounds that are audible in the absence of any external sounds. These symptoms can be a result of either damage to the otic or ear related regions or a problem in the blood flow such as a hemorrhage for example.

Steps to be taken to avoid mesalamine octic tinnitus:

Avoid self medication under any circumstances

In case of a prescribed course of medication containing mesalamine, be sure to inform the doctor of any other medications that you might be taking especially any other anti inflammatory drugs

Even as simple a drug as an aspirin can cause grave drug interactions and consequent health complications. Be sure to mention any pain relieving medications that you might be taking on your own

All previous medical histories and allergies need to be brought to the attention of a doctor when in the process of undertaking fresh medications

Pregnant women and nursing mothers need to be careful when taking any of the mesalamine based medications

Tinnitus symptoms need to be brought to the immediate attention of a doctor

All cases of mesalamine octic tinnitus require a holistic evaluation of the body in order to correctly assess and solve the root causes of the problem.

Mesalamine Otic Tinnitus

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Mesalamine Otic Tinnitus

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