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New Tinnitus Treatments:
Are These The ANSWER?

The search for new tinnitus treatments is an ongoing process with each year adding something new to the already swelling options for tinnitus treatment. The good news is that some of these initiatives towards new tinnitus treatments are based on scientific research and case studies. Although there is nothing as yet that is absolutely and conclusively workable, the options are still much better than what one could find until a few years earlier. This of course has more to do with the peculiarity of the condition of tinnitus itself.

Tinnitus is a condition that creates auditory sounds in the ear when there are no actual sounds present in the external environment. The brain begins to pick up low frequency sound signals (sent by the auditory nerves) that it would normally overlook; hence causing the abnormality. The causes for this are wide ranging and different people manifest different degrees of intensity of the symptoms of tinnitus. New treatments for tinnitus are therefore a constant battle for innovating or creating something that is suitable for all tinnitus cases.

Any new tinnitus treatment contains the possibility of providing relief or cure only if it is used after correct diagnosis of the cause of the tinnitus sounds. Presently there are a host of treatments that claim to be the new age treatments for tinnitus. Some of the more popular ones are listed below.

New Tinnitus Remedies and Treatments:

         Hearing aids these come in digital or analog forms

         Middle ear implants

         Cochlear implants

         Noise generators

         Cognitive therapy

         Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

         Alternative therapy

         Natural therapy


         Jaw joint treatment

         New forms of drugs and anti depressants

         Multidisciplinary and holistic methods

New Tinnitus Cures and Remedies: an Assessment

         Rarely can any particular tinnitus treatment suite all types. Suitability of any new tinnitus treatment has to be thoroughly checked by a person before going in for the treatment.

         Many times a new treatment will work for a certain period of time and then tend to lose its effectiveness after a while.

         When one is lucky to get the right kind of treatment that suits a particular case, one may find relief

There are no drugs at present that can claim to cure tinnitus (some claim to be at the research stage). Most tinnitus relief or possible cure comes from devices and some very positive results have come in from natural and holistic treatments for tinnitus.

New Tinnitus Treatments

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New Tinnitus Treatments

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