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How to Cure Pulsating Tinnitus for Good

As the name suggests, pulsating tinnitus involves a particular type of noise in the ear that is distinctively throbbing and pulsating in nature. This kind of abnormal noise is heard in a person’s ear in the absence of any external sounds. It is audible to the person mostly in rhythm with their heart beat (or the pulse). The constant pulsating noise in the ear and head can vary in intensity and duration. The noise can be single or multiple beats; low pitched, booming or jingling kind of noise. However, each case is extremely torturous to the person undergoing the condition. This form of tinnitus is variously referred to as pulsating, pulsatile or vascular.

Common Symptoms of Pulsating Tinnitus:

  • Whereas the other ‘subjective’ kind of tinnitus is more difficult to detect, the pulsatile type of tinnitus can be heard by a physician with the help of instruments. In this sense it is certainly less frustrating – as opposed to when a person needs to convince others about the noise in the ear that no one else but the person is capable of hearing.
  • Pulsating tinnitus is the less common variety of tinnitus. It is usually a symptom of an associated problem or a related health issue that has manifested itself in the ear region.
  • Some of the common conditions that lead to pulsating tinnitus are blockages in the blood vassals, hypertension, heart murmur, tumors in the area, Eustachian tube dysfunction. 
  • Many times the signs of pulsating tinnitus will go away on its own in a matter of weeks. At other times the problem remains for over six months and more until treatment starts.
  • Since the causes of pulsating tinnitus is identifiable more easily vis-à-vis subjective tinnitus, this type of tinnitus is often treated by physicians with the help of surgery or medication and sometimes radiation methods.
  • Pulsating tinnitus has also been known to find relief through alternative treatments, sound therapy and relaxation techniques.

It is most important to keep in mind that a lot of times the causes leading to a problem can reside in other areas too beside what is apparent to the eye (and the ear in this case). Focusing on reducing cholesterol for example without making serious efforts to reduce hypertension through a change in lifestyle habits is shortsighted. Therefore, alongside a physician’s recommendations, a holistic approach to treating pulsating tinnitus is the best way for a tangible and long lasting solution to the problem.

Pulsating Tinnitus

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Pulsating Tinnitus

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