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Sinus Infection and Tinnitus Link EXPOSED

Amongst the several causes and types of tinnitus, sinus infection followed by tinnitus is a common occurrence. A typical result of sinus infections or sinusitis is thickening of the mucous membranes that surround the middle ear region. This situation affects the ear in the following ways.

Sinus Infection and Tinnitus

  • When an infection affects the normal functioning of the mucous membrane, it becomes incapable of draining away the mucous through the Eustachian tubes like it normally should, in a healthy body.
  • As a result of this consequent thickening of the mucous membrane, excess pressure begins to be exerted on middle ear, leading to tinnitus – a medical condition of the ear wherein a person begins to hear ringing  or buzzing kind of noises in the absence of any actual sounds.
  • In this sense, a sinus infection can directly lead to the onset of tinnitus. In most cases, with the intake of medications or antibiotics the tinnitus symptoms also disappear along with the sinus infection.
  • However it needs to be noted that several times the tinnitus will also come back along with a repeat sinus infection. A lot of people live in a constant state of sinus infection tinnitus.

Under the circumstances of repeated sinus infection followed by  tinnitus , a totally different approach to resolving the problem can yield positive results . This would involve a multi disciplinary and holistic modality of curing the entire body through various methods simultaneously. After all, both sinus infections as well as tinnitus are mere signs that there is something wrong in a person’s health.

Since causes of a sinus infection are fairly understood, a holistic treatment can be inclusive of a total renewal of daily living pattern. Some of the very elementary facts like ensuring that we are living in an environment of clean air are often overlooked – probably because we consider it an issue for the government department to look into. But there are a few steps we ourselves can take to ensure that the air within our houses is clean and contains fewer allergy causing agents (a most common cause of sinus infections ).

Sometimes a reverse reaction to antibiotics and other drugs can also lead to recurrent sinus infections accompanied with tinnitus . Prolonged use of antibiotics is especially likely to lead to this situation. Taking precautionary measures of healthy food habits and keeping the body fit as well as lowering our reliance on excessive medications can go a long way in keeping tinnitus at bay.

Sinus Infection Tinnitus

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Sinus Infection Tinnitus

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