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Somatic Tinnitus Is a WARNING Sign

The word ‘somatic’ is derived from the Greek word ‘somat’ which means the body. Somatic Tinnitus thus concerns the tinnitus symptoms which alter with body movements and is considered to be the most common form of tinnitus that affects people. And given that the disease is now evident in a large chunk of the population, it can be said that somatic tinnitus also affects many people. Even though tinnitus has come under the limelight only very recently as a major symptomatic disease causing millions of American to suffer from its varied forms and types, making doctors and researchers scratching their heads and trying to figure out an enduring cure or relief; somatic tinnitus, on the other hand can be tackled by controlling those same body movements. For instance, a patient uptight with bells ringing consistently while standing in an upright position, feels the noise diminishing as he/she reclines.

Somatic Tinnitus Symptoms

There are 3 principal criteria for somatic tinnitus including tinnitus that is associated with Meniere’s disease and this is being described below.

  • Patients that can modify their tinnitus resonance by making movements in their jaws, neck and even the eyes.

  • Patients that can modify their tinnitus resonance in terms of sound level and pitch by way of pressing their mandible, cheek, temple, neck and the tragus (a small part of the external ear that assists the brain in sensing sound coming from behind) with a fingertip.

  • Patients displaying muscular tension in the neck muscles and the jaw.

It may be of interest to note that these movements tend to augment tension signals from the toughened muscles in the innervation area of the sensory trigeminal nerve related to the acoustic pathways. They are also least related to stress or anxiety factors that create tinnitus in most patients. Even physical examination reveals severe muscular tension in these cases.

Since somatic tinnitus is mostly controlled by body movements, investigations related to its symptoms are body oriented too. For instance, the mobility and the maneuverability of the jaw and neck as well as its deficiency is checked, measured and noted. Assessment of the dental occlusion is performed by keeping the neck in an upright position. Since the jaw and the upper cervical spine represent an integrated motor system that may not tolerate deviations, any forward head/neck posture may be treated as a recompense for a disorder in the dental occlusion.

Somatic Tinnitus Cure Plans

The intended treatment plan envisages on reducing the tension of the muscle in the jaws and the neck. Patients who had earlier believed that their tinnitus problem was mostly linked to stress and strain now understand that the real problem lies elsewhere. With grinding of the teeth, their symptoms seem to become lesser in volume and pitch. The fact is, keeping the neck in the most favorable position, the dental occlusion can be attuned to the grinding. Brightly shining facets kept in the mouth immediately turns dull with a mild maneuver of grinding teeth. When they reappear gleaming at the next visit to the clinic, these are considered as results of the masticatory muscle hyperactivity during REM sleep.

Patients thereafter are especially trained to sense the novel stabile occlusion in various postures like standing, sitting, lying down, etc. to assess which posture suits them the best. Patients are also referred to physiotherapists to learn how to cope with tension in the neck and best the relaxing postures that provide relief to their tinnitus problems. Some are trained to do stretching exercises for their suboccipital muscles as well as performing atlanto-occipital joint linked to the restricted side. Breathing with diaphragm sometimes form part the training procedure.

Somatic Tinnitus Holistic Treatment

The above mentioned treatments can however if anything, provide just some temporary relief at best. And the fact of the matter is, the real issue that causes the problems remains within the body. In fact this approach of conventional practitioners wherein just the symptoms of tinnitus is treated never works because as soon as the effect of the treatment starts to wane, the symptoms begin to appear again. This is why many people complain that their tinnitus problems never go away. What they should do is turn to holistic remedies. Treating the body as a whole, holistic remedies first finds out the root causes of tinnitus and its triggers and only then suggests remedies that can include herbs, exercise, lifestyle and diet changes and even acupuncture. The fact is, holistic remedies always give better results in the treatment of somatic tinnitus .


Somatic Tinnitus

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Somatic Tinnitus

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