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Sounds Of Tinnitus: REVEALED

The sounds of tinnitus can be aptly defined using the definition penned down by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI, 1969) – “the sensation of sound without external stimulation.” Tinnitus is the experience of sound in the ear or head regions when no actual sounds are present in the external environment. It is a difficult condition to understand or sympathize with since in most cases the sounds are not audible to another person. Only in few cases can a physician listen in on the sounds with the help of instruments to correctly appreciate the nature of these sounds.

For a long time the sounds of tinnitus were grossly misunderstood and most put it down as simplistic cases of hallucinations or schizophrenia . The focus of traditional treatment offered to tinnitus had for long been restricted to categorizing and treating just the ‘sounds’ without any attempt to analyze the different types and underlying causes of these sounds.

What are Tinnitus Sounds?

So what are the sounds that typify the condition of tinnitus? The following is a list of some of the more common and typically described ‘sounds ’ associated with tinnitus. Most importantly, these sounds are perceived by the person suffering from tinnitus as sounds that are totally different from sounds that they have previously experienced in their life.

  • Ringing kind of sounds
  • Hissing form of sounds
  • Whistling type of sound
  • Humming sort of sound

Variations of these sounds can be heard in an intermittent pulsating manner or as a constant noise that won’t go away. The sounds can be experienced in one ear or both the ears. Sometimes it appears like the sounds originate from the middle of the head. Even the volume of these sounds can vary widely from mild to very high pitched.

Tinnitus Help

Since treatments of tinnitus have improved over the years, the ability to identify and understand the type of tinnitus sound that is bothering a person helps in finding the right solution/relief to the problem. Better identification of tinnitus sounds offer better options at seeking out a relief.

Options to find relief from tinnitus sounds are many and these can include several masking devises (that help to live with the problem), medication that claim to offer relief , surgery in more serious forms, alternative nature based treatments or a multi disciplinary and holistic approach to treat the entire body and life style simultaneously. Needless to emphasize, only a holistic approach can find a lasting solution to tinnitus sounds.


Sounds Of Tinnitus

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Sounds Of Tinnitus

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