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Can Stress and Anger Cause Tinnitus? FIND OUT here

The condition of tinnitus has been related to many causes and very often one finds that stress and anger have a close association with tinnitus. But does stress and anger cause tinnitus ? This question does not have a simple answer. Here’s why:

·       Firstly, high degrees of stress and anger levels can potentially cause immense damage to the body’s healthy functions and can cause many types of chemical malfunctions in the body.

·         Secondly, many existing medical or health issues can be aggravated when the body is exposed to constant stress and anger over a long period of time.

·         Both of the above effects of stress and anger can in turn lead to contributing to the condition of tinnitus.

Although stress and anger are not accepted as a direct cause of tinnitus , it is now a known fact that both stress and anger generated anxiety can directly contribute to an exaggerated perception of the sounds of tinnitus.

Tinnitus Causes and Cures

Tinnitus is a condition where a person hears ringing or buzzing kinds of sounds in the ear or the head in the absence of any external sounds. This condition has several causes, but the common factor is that tinnitus causes an aberration in the way the brain picks up sound signals coming from the ear.

This is where stress and anger can act as agents that contribute towards making the tinnitus sounds appear as if they were louder than they actually are. Excessive anger about tinnitus sounds that do not go away can cause increased levels of stress and this negative thinking in turn induces the brain to focus more and more on the sounds; thus creating a cycle of harmful response.

In other respects, when stress and anger are sustained over a long time, it keeps the body in a constant state of adrenalin high. This can eventually lead to a malfunction in the nervous system wherein tiny sounds (sometimes from within the body) are picked up by the nerves lining the ear. The ear begins to pick up low frequency sounds that one would normally not notice. This happens because of a nerves disorder. At this stage many run to drug stores to solve the problem whereas medication might not be really required. Sometimes this can in fact worsen the tinnitus.

For a complete and substantive relief from stress and anger generated tinnitus , only a holistic approach focusing on stress reduction and anger management amongst other natural remedies can bring positive results.


Stress And Anger Cause Tinnitus

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Stress And Anger Cause Tinnitus

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