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Stroke and Tinnitus: Is There A Relation?

The relation between stroke and tinnitus is best understood by an examination of what 'stroke' implies in this context. In pathological terms a stroke implies a condition where oxygen supply to the brain is inadequate due to either a blockage or hemorrhage of a blood vessel. Such sudden drop in oxygen levels in the brain can lead to weakness, speech problems , paralysis, and unconsciousness or in certain cases even death.

Severity of a stroke can vary from very sudden and serious to a mild or mini stroke that might even go unnoticed by many. Sometimes the signs and symptoms are not easily recognizable. Also, different people can experience a stroke differently. Stroke symptoms displayed by a person will depend on the exact part of the brain that is damaged.

Tinnitus Cause and Relationship with Stroke

In a study published in the 'Journal of the American Heart Association' (Stroke 1987) – a division of American heart Association, Pulsatile tinnitus or the pulse synchronous tinnitus was found to contain suggestions of vascular problems. Although the condition is rare, arterial problems inducing irregular blood flow has been found in several other studies to lead to abnormal sounds in the ear or head regions, as is the case in tinnitus.

Since tinnitus sounds, especially the pulsatile kinds have been found to have a close association with clogging or other types of obstructions in arteries, many specialists now look into vascular anomalies as a suspect that causes the tinnitus condition.

Therefore, an onset of tinnitus requires close examination by a general physician in order to eliminate any pathological causes that might in fact be an early indication of a more serious situation such as a stroke if the vascular problem is not resolved in time with due medical attention.

Sometimes tinnitus might occur as a result of what is called a ‘cochlear stroke’ . Simply put, when there is a blood supply interruption to the inner ear region, it can cause damage to the region and trigger the tinnitus.

Tinnitus Cause and Cure

Although the relationship between stroke and tinnitus may be rarely acknowledged, one cannot rule out the fact that tinnitus could be an indication of a deeper problem in the body.  Unless there is a more readily established reason for the tinnitus to occur – like an injury to the head region, it is difficult to ascertain a definitive cause for tinnitus . Under the circumstances, a more holistic appraisal of the body to identify weaknesses and deficiencies along with taking steps to heal the entire body through natural ways of life style reevaluation can sometimes bring positive results while boosting core body strength.  

Stroke And Tinnitus

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Stroke And Tinnitus

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