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Tinnitus Symptoms EXPOSED

Even though the symptoms of tinnitus apparently look quite simple to identify, in reality, these are rather complex issues since symptoms differ in accordance to the underlying causes that have created them. For instance, symptoms related to Acoustic Neuroma will be manifest in one ear only, whereas stress related tinnitus could affect both the ears. Then there are cases where vague ringing tones can be heard in the ears that have been caused by ear drum damage or due to severe infection of the middle ear and this has nothing to do with tinnitus. Also, it needs to be kept in mind that the symptoms of the problem may not be the same for everyone and also, the intensity of tinnitus can also vary from one person to another. Leaving aside all this, quite simply put, ringing in the ear itself is not a medical condition – rather it is the symptom of a medical condition, that is often termed as tinnitus.

The fact is, tinnitus symptoms as experienced by a huge section of the population all over the United States, and when we consider the rest of the world, the number becomes quite surprising. And because of this huge number of people who become affected by this problem, the medical fraternity has become worried, and it seems that this trend is going up.

What Are These Symptoms Of Tinnitus?

All those people who are affected by it experience mysterious sounds or noises within the ear where no such resonance surrounds the affected person in any way. And in most cases it has been seen that those people who work in noisy environments or stay in localities that are high on noise experience this more than others. These may include ringing, roaring, whistling, whizzing, rushing, gurgling or clucking noise that is often accompanied by dizziness, headache and loss of hearing to a considerable extent. In some cases, vertigo goes hand in hand with the awful racket, making the person’s life totally miserable.

The Different Types Of Tinnitus

Tinnitus incidentally, is of two different types – ‘subjective tinnitus’ and ‘objective tinnitus’. In the former case, the noise is heard only by the person who is affected, while with the latter, the attending physician can hear it too. However, the physician can hear it only with the help of specialized listening devices or instruments. In certain cases, the sound level reaches such heights that it supersedes all other surrounding sounds, leaving the person listless and limp to all worldly activities going round him/ her. Of course, these are more serious cases. This indeed is a grotesque situation about which the conventional medical science has very little to offer.

In pulsatile tinnitus, the thumping sound heard within the ear corresponds to the beating of the heart. In other words, the person hears his/her own heartbeat under complicated medical situations. However, there are several reasons that promote this weird state of affairs which includes restricted blood circulation in the head and neck region. As the blood supply rises or falls with the heart’s pumping action, having relation with the systolic and diastolic pressure , the effect is carried to the inner ear through the nerves. And as a result of this, the heartbeat sound is heard by the affected person.

Though ringing in the ear is the most common symptom of tinnitus , it seldom reaches very high decibels. But what it lacks in volume, it more than compensates by creating enormous distraction to the person who has been affected by it. And that distraction can be quite killing really. That whizzing, rushing, gurgling, clucking and ringing noise that persists throughout the day and night, often makes the person crazy with very little or no hope of recovery, save and except taking a holistic approach to cure the underlying causes of the problem.

Tinnitus Causes and a Permanent Tinnitus Cure

Since tinnitus is such a distressing condition, a quick and permanent cure is what is needed. However to cure the problem, firstly, the disease has to be understood better. It is essential to understand that the internal root causes of tinnitus are many and also, there are quite a few triggers that make it appear. For example, though sinus problems often trigger the disease, but this is not a root cause – it is just a trigger. So for a permanent remedy, firstly, the root causes must be identified and then they should be eliminated, because only then can you get a lasting remedy. Sadly, this is not what conventional therapies do – they just treat the symptoms without trying to find out the root causes and naturally so, tinnitus often returns. Holistic remedies on the other hand do just the opposite – it finds out all the root causes and suggests remedies that may include medications and also lifestyle changes and the correct foods. This is why holistic remedies can so successfully treat tinnitus.


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