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Acamprosate: Is It An Answer
To Tinnitus Condition?

Treatment of tinnitus with acamprosate medication has yielded some positive results in some case studies. Acamprosate is a drug that is usually used to treat alcohol dependence. Over the course of treatments it has been discovered that this drug is also useful in inhibiting tinnitus sounds in the ear. However, more studies need to be published in order to correctly authenticate this claim.

Another aspect of the tinnitus and acamprosate relation that needs to be kept in mind while looking for  a treatment is that the drug will only act as an inhibitory agent for the brain so as to minimize the way the brain reacts to the abnormal tinnitus sounds. To accurately appreciate this, the condition of tinnitus has to be correctly understood.

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is an auditory canal disorder wherein a person ends up hearing sounds in the ear or the head regions in the absence of any external sounds.  These tinnitus sounds are created because the nerves in the auditory pathways start sending abnormal sound signals to the brain, for a variety of reasons. The causes for this abnormality are wide ranging and can easily be located far from the areas of the ear and head. Since the condition of tinnitus has multiple causal factors it is difficult to easily pin point the real cause of the problem many end up looking for tinnitus reliefs instead of a permanent cure to tinnitus.

Tinnitus Remedies

Amongst the many tinnitus reliefs that abound the markets, medications and drugs that claim to alleviate the annoying sounds of tinnitus can be found at random. Some of these do produce positive results and enable a person suffering from tinnitus to carry on with a better quality of life. Most of the cases where drugs and other devices have produced positive results have been successful because the root cause of the problem was targeted either consciously or accidentally. In many cases, people have learnt to live with the relief that a drug or device generates and never look beyond it to seek out a cure.

Tinnitus and Acamprosate Facts:

         Acamprosate works by making the tinnitus sounds less audible to the brain - thus reduce tinnitus perception

         A thorough examination and diagnosis of the entire body is called for before starting acamprosate for tinnitus

         Reliance on acamprosate alone is not recommended since the drug does not seek to cure the root causes of the problem

In order gain a durable solution to tinnitus a multi disciplinary and holistic approach is more beneficial.

Tinnitus Acamprosate

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