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Tinnitus Aids: What Suits You Best?

A clinical evaluation of tinnitus cannot currently offer any substantial solution to the medical condition of tinnitus; therefore tinnitus aids are the much sought after remedy that people opt for in their search for a solution to the ringing and buzzing sounds in the ear.  

Tinnitus can be caused or triggered by any of the health related complications or conditions that can occur in the body. Since the causal factors are so wide spread, it is difficult to get hold of a “one solution fits all” kind of treatment that would be applicable for all of the tinnitus cases. Since there is currently no established medical solution to tinnitus, most sufferers of tinnitus use tinnitus aids to help them deal with the problem while they can carry on with the daily activities of life. Tinnitus aids can be discussed under the following categories:

  • Hearing aids – hearing aids that are worn in the ear have been known to offer some relief to people who have been suffering from tinnitus, especially in cases where the tinnitus is accompanied with partial hearing related problems
  • Maskers and Noise generators - Noise generators act like masks that in effect conceal the tinnitus sounds to a large extent. They use low frequency noise producers to distract the mind away from the more annoying tinnitus sounds. New types of maskers often use precise frequency settings to match the personal tinnitus frequency
  • Noise generators are available in many forms and can be either worn on the self or used as table top devices. There are also devices such as sounds pillows that aid peaceful sleep.
  • Combination instruments – these combine hearing aid as well as noise generators. Such devices can be worn in the ear for all time tinnitus relief.
  • TRT is a distinct method of tinnitus aid that uses a combination of special noise generators along with therapy to enable correct understanding of tinnitus and use self help methods to deal with the problem.
  • Implants are surgically inserted into the ear to treat tinnitus
  • Medication are commonly used to find relief from tinnitus

It needs to be noted that there is no one-aid-suites-all tinnitus aid that will offer the ultimate solution to tinnitus. Tinnitus aids can at best provide some relief to deal with the annoying tinnitus sounds while the best way to find a cure is to adopt a holistic treatment.


Tinnitus Aids

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Tinnitus Aids

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