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Tinnitus Treatment with Cod Liver Oil: Does it WORK?

Before discussing the possible implications of cod liver oil on tinnitus , we need to clearly understand the values of cod liver oil and the nature of the medical condition called tinnitus.

What Is Tinnitus

Tinnitus is an auditory complication wherein ringing or buzzing kind of sounds are audible in the ear of a person in the absence of any outside sounds. The exact circumstances leading to tinnitus is difficult to pinpoint because there a number of factors that can be directly or indirectly responsible for the problem. Most of such factors leading to tinnitus in turn cause damage or impairment of the auditory nerves that line the ear canal. The result is an overly sensitized nerves function in the ear that ends up picking up minutest of sounds. Such sounds vary in pitch form low to very high levels and cause intense discomfort to the person suffering from tinnitus.

There has been encouraging reports from people who have tried the use of cod liver oil supplements to ease their condition of tinnitus . The reason for this is not difficult to imagine when we understand the nature of fish oil compositions and their potential benefits to health.

  • Cod liver oil is a fish extract from a variety of fish called Cod. Fish oils are a great source of many essential nutrients that the human body needs in order to function at optimum levels.
  • Of all kinds of fish oil, it is cod liver oil that has been found to contain maximum benefits that can be easily assimilated by the body.
  • Cod liver oil contains generous amounts of DHA, a fatty acid that contributes to the healthy upkeep of the nervous system amongst other things. This benefit contains a high degree of possibility of alleviating or directly contributing to reducing or solving the symptoms of tinnitus.
  • The combined nutrients of cod liver oil is known to help keep depression away and depression and anxiety are some of the known causes leading to tinnitus symptoms .

Other Tinnitus Remedies

Besides DHA cod liver oil also contains EPA, vitamin A and high levels of Vitamin D. These are highly conducive to maintaining healthy cardio vascular system and keeping the overall body mechanism functioning properly. Anybody who treats tinnitus or has recovered from the problem will understand that a holistic approach to resolving root health issues goes a long way in getting relief from tinnitus. In this sense tinnitus and cod liver oil seems to have a definite relation.


Tinnitus And Cod Liver Oil

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Tinnitus And Cod Liver Oil

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