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Tinnitus and Seizures: Is there a LINK?

The exact relation of tinnitus and seizure is difficult to put down in precise terms but a few established facts can help us understand how tinnitus and seizures might indeed have a connection. For this one needs to understand both the conditions to a certain extent.

Tinnitus is an auditory abnormality wherein a person hears ringing or buzzing sounds in the ear or head regions in the absence of any actual external sounds. Seizures are characterized by repeated movements of the body or body parts, sometimes violently. The intensity of both tinnitus as well as seizures can differ and depict symptoms in varying degrees of intensity.

Both the conditions of tinnitus and seizures occur because of an irregularity in the electrical activities in the brain. This irregularity is usually caused by a nervous system disorder or a pathological condition in the neck and head regions. There are other causes as well that can contribute to the occurrence of both these conditions. Since the causes vary widely in both cases sometimes the exact reason for tinnitus and seizure is difficult to pin point. At the same time, since most of the causal factors usually rise from similar root causes in many instances, it is possible that tinnitus and seizures can indicate a common origin though they need not always coincide.

Common causes of tinnitus and seizures:

        Any abnormality or pathological condition affecting the regions of the ear up to the cortex can possibly lead to abnormality in the way sound signals are perceived by the brain and can result in tinnitus as well as seizures under some circumstances depending on the severity of the case.

         Head injury contains probability of resulting in tinnitus and seizures

         Extreme cases of audio sensitivity resulting from cochlea abnormality may be accompanied with tinnitus and seizure activities. Such conditions can often occur along with various other symptoms such as nausea or dizziness. 

         Any neurological condition can potentially cause both tinnitus and seizure.

         Stress is one of the common causes of several conditions of poor health.

         A situation of inflammation in the brain could manifest in symptoms of intolerance to light and sound and perhaps cause symptomatic tinnitus sounds in the ear as well as seizures or hysteria in some cases. 

         Drug reaction or allergies can lead to tinnitus and seizures

Both the conditions of tinnitus and seizures need holistic treatments in order to find their root causes and heal them for long lasting cure.


Tinnitus And Seizures

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Tinnitus And Seizures

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