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White Noise Generators for Tinnitus:
Boon or Bane?

Although white noise generators are promoted as one of the best ways to deal with tinnitus there are a few things that need to be kept in mind about these devices.

What to Keep in Mind While Using White Noise Generators:

  • White noise generators are devices that emit wide band noise (or white noise) with the objective of making the tinnitus sounds inaudible.
  • A white noise generator typically looks like a hearing aid or a clock like device, and produces a repetitive gentle noise to divert attention from the tinnitus sounds that are audible in the ear or head in the absence of any external sounds.
  • Suppression of tinnitus with the help of maskers such as white noise generators can provide symptom relief only. The device will not make tinnitus disappear.
  • Constant exposure to white noise generators can in turn have negative effects that can lead to the worsening of tinnitus caused by white noise generators .
  • Treatments using white noise generators can provide much needed respite from tinnitus sounds, but to become completely depended on them is not the healthiest of options.
  • Sometimes reliance on tinnitus relieving devices can cause the condition to deteriorate without your noticing the regression.  This can be potentially dangerous; aggravation of the actual problem leading to tinnitus can reach serious complications and in turn make the tinnitus condition worse than before.
  • In certain cases there have been reports of a distinct worsening in the tinnitus condition after use of white noise generators. Some complain of increase in the pitch of the sounds and others of ending up hearing additional voices or noises.  Another commonly experienced result of white noise generators is an onset of headaches and heightened irritation with tinnitus sounds.
  • Indeed, if the attempt at trying to attain auditory reprogramming through white noise generators is not done correctly, tinnitus can actually be a consequence.

Tinnitus Remedy that Works

The low rate of success associated with white noise generators in resolving tinnitus goes to prove that the condition of tinnitus is not a simple case of inner ear malfunction. For tinnitus that is persistent, always take professional medical advice before thinking of using any of the readily available devices that claim to cure or relieve tinnitus . Tinnitus can have many causes often residing in areas of the body that are seemingly not connected with the functioning of the ear. Considering this, the only viable option to treat tinnitus is obviously to treat the entire body and mind holistically.


Tinnitus Caused By White Noise Generators

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Tinnitus Caused By White Noise Generators

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