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Can Chinese Cure Help to Treat Tinnitus?

Long before the People’s Republic ofChina had launched its aggressive marketing strategy to win over the world trade, Chinese herbs had won over the hearts of people all over the world for their unique effectiveness and superb curative value. In fact, there is a Chinese herbal cure for every known human disorder starting from trauma to tuberculosis and from chronic renal failure to tinnitus pulsatile. However, the topic may be divided into two separate categories – one dealing with TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine, the other describing Chinese herbal medications that are mostly used, where traditional methods of treatment proves ineffective.

In traditional Chinese Medicine, YIN is considered to be the womanish or negative characteristics of the YIN-YANG principle, where YANG is the masculine or the positive characteristic. The symptoms of good health always represent a perfect YIN-YANG balance. A subdued YIN can result in low fever, dizziness, low back pain, tinnitus and other diseases. A weakened YIN, according to TCM, is thought to be a symbol of YIN insufficiency of the kidney which again is considered to be the innate foundation of all functioning organs in the human body. If the kidney is affected with low YIN, quite a lot of organs demonstrate poor performance as a result of which, many diseases develop.

Traditional Chinese Medicine also looks at the following factors that are responsible for tinnitus and attempts to cure them with the help of acupuncture or other methods.

  • Anger, frustration, emotional strain and stress that leads to LV fire or LV Yang rising, which results in abrupt onset of tinnitus with loud ringing in the ear.

  • Depression, misery or grief leading to stagnation of blood in upper portion of the body – weak QI in the chest that becomes unable to rise and nurture the head. This results in gradual onset of tinnitus.

  • Excessive sexual exercise or overwork that has weakened the KD that gives rise to gradual onset of tinnitus with low pitch.

  • Senility or old age that has weakened the KD Jing that also results in gradual loss of hearing and tinnitus with low pitch.

  • Poor or unhealthy dietary habits consisting of damp, greasy food consumption that leads to Phlegm generation which prevents the rising of clear QI to the head.

  • Exposure to loud noise, trauma that results in sudden onset of tinnitus with loud ringing noise in the ears.

Even though these conditions can be treated by acupuncture, one should get acquainted with some of the Chinese treatment terminology to understand the process better. For instance, LV fire (excess pattern) relates to the following…

  • General signs and symptoms include explosive anger, irritability, dizziness, bitter taste in the mouth, ruddy face, red eyes, poor sleeping habit and constipation.
  • Tongue indications include red, dry yellow coating, deeper along the LV/GB area.
  • Pulse indications include rapid, full, wiry pulse.

Tinnitus Chinese Cure – Here Are Some Acupuncture Treatment Points

  • Maciocia treatment points with Valaskatagis commentary, additions and commentaries.
  • LV 2 to clear LV fire.
  • LV 3 to resolve LV QI stagnation, especially f it happens at the origin of the fire.
  • GB 20 to lower the YANG and clear the head.
  • GB 13 to treat the psycho-emotional aspect of LV fire.
  • LI 14 when head symptoms are prevalent.

Acupuncture treatment protocols include the following :

  • Differentiation include excess patterns like the rising of the LV/GB fire and/or Phlegm fire moving up, while deficiency patterns like KD Jing deficiency, upper burner deficiency and heart blood deficiency.

  • Symptoms for LV/GB fire rising include abrupt onset of tinnitus that can be loud and often related to emotional stress. It can be accompanied by headache, dizziness and frequent feelings of thirst.

  • Treatment Protocol includes (1) Draining the LV fire, (2) Easing the ears, (3) Consoling the mental tension and (4) Settling the tormenting soul.

  • Treatment points include the following

    • LV 2 to drain the LV fire
    • GB 20 – LV YANG for easing the ear and calming the mind
    • GB 8 – LV YANG for consoling the mind.

Chinese herbal medication goes back to 5000 years or more. Earliest Chinese priests who also sometimes played the role of physicians discovered and nurtured various herbs that were used in curing human ailments of varying nature. There are several Chinese herbal remedies that provide relief to tinnitus sufferers even today.

Yes, Chinese medications may work, but the fact is that, there is an even better cure for this disease and that is possible through the holistic way. In reality, nothing can work alone to cure tinnitus and this is because of the fact that the disease is caused by many contributing factors. For quick and effective relief, all these contributing root causes and the triggers need to be identified. Holistic remedies do just this and once done, they prescribe the cure that not only includes Chinese medications, but also lifestyle and diet changes, acupuncture, exercise and more. While the approach of conventional therapies is just to treat the symptoms, holistic remedies treat the root causes and once these causes are eradicated, the symptoms go away on their own.



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