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Tinnitus Due To Chronic Sinusitis:
A Common Phenomenon

A lot of sinus conditions can end up creating tinnitus symptoms and tinnitus from chronic sinusitis is indeed a common phenomenon. A tinnitus condition resulting from sinusitis typically manifests in the occurrence of ringing or buzzing sounds in the ears in the absence of any external sounds. These sounds in the ear can vary in intensity and duration depending on the exact nature of the sinus condition and its associated problems.

Chronic Sinusitis and its Repercussions:

         Chronic sinusitis differs from a normal sinus condition in the sense that it is a more serious variant

         Chronic sinusitis is a sinus condition that lasts for a long time and is often a recurrent problem

         The causes for chronic sinusitis can be a fungal infection, an allergy , an abnormal growth. Sometimes the cause could be a case of structural obstruction too. Any or some of these conditions can lead to a sinus problem that subsists for over several weeks

         A cause such as fungal infection is often difficult to detect and usual medication and antibiotics that are normally subscribed to treat sinus conditions cannot cure this variant of chronic sinusitis

         Chronic sinusitis symptoms are blocked nasal passages, pain and tinnitus

         The typical symptoms of chronic sinusitis are caused because of an enlargement of the mucous membrane that are located in the region and the resultant built up of pressure on the surrounding body parts

Can Chronic Sinusitis Cause Tinnitus ?

There are some typical characteristics that lead to tinnitus symptoms because of chronic sinusitis .

         The swelling of the mucous membrane that results from chronic sinusitis creates extreme pressure on the Eustachian tubes a bony passage extending from middle ear to the nasopharynx. The Eustachian tube performs the important function of maintaining equal air pressure on both sides of the ear drum.

         Pressure on the Eustachian tube as well as on the entire regions surrounding the ears can result in distortion of sound signals that are relayed to the brain.

         This situation results in abnormal ringing sounds in the ear.

Tinnitus symptoms need to be examined by a physician in order to correctly establish the cause of the symptoms, since tinnitus can be caused by several reasons other than chronic sinusitis. In situations where a chronic sinus condition has been confirmed as the cause of tinnitus, a proper verification of the exact nature of sinus is required before undertaking a holistic treatment to get rid of the condition.


Tinnitus Chronic Sinusitis

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Tinnitus Chronic Sinusitis

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