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Tinnitus Cure: the ONLY Proven Way

Even though more than 40 million Americans living in the United States suffer from subjective or objective forms of tinnitus, conventional medical practitioners are at a loss to provide permanent tinnitus cure . And the worst part of the whole story is that, almost one fourth of them who are chronic sufferers consider that it has robbed them of many qualities of life. Despite several curative principles of tinnitus that have been described here, the most cogent ones comprise of (a) taking a holistic approach towards treating the ailment and (b) to take into consideration all the contributing factors that help get a cure from this distressing condition.

What Is The Best Tinnitus Treatment?

The holistic way of curing this multi-factorial human disorder is as much exhaustive as it is exacting. It involves complete reorientation of the victim’s life that will not only bring about a metabolic change in the existing structure but will also re-infuse new strength to combat the destructive forces of the disease (not the symptoms ) that has almost taken away the life force from the person. To start with, one has to give up consuming alcohol as well as all alcoholic beverages and eliminate meat or meat-based food like ham, bacon, sausages, etc from the daily diet. Also on the negative list will appear tea, coffee and all types of processed food. Sustenance, instead, should depend solely upon fruits and vegetables; freshly prepared (sans preservatives and additives) fruit juices; organic food, whole grain breads and cereals and yogurt that provide helpful stomach bacilli, so essential to keep the intestine healthy.

In addition, practicing yoga or deep breathing on a regular daily basis are also recommended by doctors who now advises Tinnitus patients take holistic treatment lines for enduring cure from the distressing disease condition.

As for the contributing factors, these should better be tackled individually by the sufferer. This involves selecting and eliminating each food item after painstakingly testing each item if they help or hinder tinnitus, even in a small way. Similar is the case with lifestyle items that include personal items of daily use vis-à-vis their interaction with the symptoms. In short, it may take around a moth’s time to reach any decisive point. However, once this is achieved, tinnitus cure should be near at hand.

However, in many people, extra-auditory factors often contribute to the level of intensity of the disease condition. These frequently include hypothyroidism, hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, diabetes, vitamin B12 and zinc deficiency, migraine as well as food and drink allergies. The treatment regime should also take these into consideration.

Tinnitus Relief: The Conventional Approach

Many people however opt for conventional treatments that usually stress more on symptoms than on the basic ailment. Some of these are detailed below for the reference of the reader.

  • OTC  medications
  • Masking devices
  • Relaxation modes
  • Herbal medications
  • Homeopathic relief
  • Home remedies

Over-the-counter medications that often constitute anti-depressants and sedatives are customarily associated with mild to severe side-effects ranging from constipation, irregular bowel syndrome, headaches to dizziness and lack of alertness that makes driving automobiles rather risky. Nevertheless, people often find no other alternative but to resort to these dubious means of controlling the symptoms when relentless ringing in the head becomes truly oppressive.

Yet another way of relief is often provided by masking the irritation with various sound effects that primarily distract the attention of the patient through alternative resonance. These ‘white noises’ usually consist of pre-recorded CDs depicting melodious sound of a waterfall, attention-grabbing sound emanating from the cockpit of a jetliner flying at high altitude or sound created by the swirling waters in a Jacuzzi. Though these are devoid of any curative value, but still, they can provide some relief by means of distraction.

Tinnitus sufferers seeking relief often invent methods of doing so which includes learning and practicing relaxation techniques. This novel procedure can take them away from the agony of incessant buzzing in the ear to a different plane where a game of patience makes all the difference. But the fact is, the problem remains.

Failing all conventional methods in curing tinnitus, many often turn to homeopathy in the hope of getting better result. But even this usually reliable mode of treatment frequently boils down to treating the symptoms than curing the disease.

The Best Approach To Tinnitus Cure

The fact is, there are no conventional remedies, herbal cures or even home solutions that can cure tinnitus permanently. The root causes of the problem are many and what needs to be done is that, these causes must be identified and then they should be eliminated. Conventional remedies just treat the symptoms, while the root causes remain within the body and this is why it never works. This is where holistic remedies are so good. Treating the body as a whole, these remedies find out all the contributing root causes and then suggest the treatment that can include medicines, herbs, diet plans and even lifestyle changes. Naturally thus, holistic remedies have been more successful in curing tinnitus .



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