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Tinnitus Exercises: A Breakthrough or Eyewash?

Tinnitus being a condition with many causal factors, exercise has a close and positive relevance to it. To understand how exercises can help the condition of tinnitus, one has to understand the nature of tinnitus and its causes. Tinnitus is a condition where a person can hear ringing or buzzing sounds in the ear when there are no actual sounds present in the external environment; and this condition can be triggered by a nerve disorder or any other deeper medical condition in the body or a simple reaction to a substance or even a psychological state of mind.

One of the best ways to treat tinnitus is to use a natural way to boost the body’s ability to recover and resolve the issue through its own way. In this respect, the value of correct exercises is stupendous.

Tinnitus Exercises Principles:

Before beginning any exercises it is advisable to consult a general physician especially if one is being already treated under the care of as doctor. The following types of exercises can be tried out:

·         If the tinnitus is not associated with heart problem, then cardio exercises are a good way of increasing blood flow and strengthening the lungs and heart.

·         Simple daily walks or a short run can do wonders to the body

·         Some people might find that certain neck exercises help in reducing the sounds. Although, discretion is required since some complain of increase in the sounds along with neck movements.

·         Some physicians might recommend gently neck exercises to relieve the symptoms of tinnitus.

·         In certain cases advanced physiotherapy might also be recommended. Care needs to be taken in these exercises and they need to be done only under expert medical supervision. There have been cases of tinnitus symptoms resulting from or heightened levels of sounds arising from such exercises.

·         Along with physical exercises it might help to do some gently yoga exercises to boost body fitness. Amongst the many yoga asanas (exercises) ‘Pranayam ’ or the breathing exercises can provide great relief in conditions of tinnitus. These are a set of specific exercises to regulate the body’s breathing and produce a sense of peace and deep relaxation.

The most important guideline to be followed in tinnitus exercises is to keep track of your own comfort zone during any new movement. Listen to your body and observe closely to look for signs of discomfort in any position.  Exercise can be a positive part of a holistic treatment of tinnitus.

Tinnitus Exercises

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Tinnitus Exercises

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