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Handicap Inventory

Tinnitus handicap inventory is a method of quantifying the impact that tinnitus has on a personís daily living conditions.  Tinnitus is a medical term that is used to define a condition where a person can hear ringing or buzzing kinds of sounds in the ear when there are no actual sounds present in the external environment. The peculiarities of this condition requires innovative ways of measuring the manner in which tinnitus affects a person

Tinnitus Symptoms and Sounds

         Tinnitus is a condition that has wide ranging causal factors that are responsible for the symptoms to occur. Since the causes are so many, the resultant tinnitus is also of a varying nature and can manifest in different degrees of intensity and duration.

         Tinnitus symptoms can also vary depending on a personís pre existing health condition and immunity levels.

         Most tinnitus sounds are extremely subjective and cannot always be heard by a physician (during an examination). The sounds of tinnitus are known to be described differently by different people. While some persons suffering from tinnitus carry on their lives with minimal discomfort, others have extreme difficulty keeping up with the basic daily activities.

         The difficulty in accurately measuring how tinnitus affects a person has necessitated some manner of grading the condition in order to correctly identify the nature of the tinnitus sounds.

How Tinnitus Handicap Inventory Works:

          Tinnitus Handicap Inventory has been developed in the form of a self assessment report that a person suffering from the condition can fill in. This self report has been developed after researched studies have thrown up reliable data that can be used to classify tinnitus into different grades according to the degree to which the tinnitus has affected a subject.

         The self report comes in the form of a questionnaire that seeks some simple answers to help assess precise scales of how tinnitus is perceived by an individual.

         From the answers in the self report a fairly accurate judgment is said to be derived. This in turn is helpful in diagnosis and further course of treatment to be pursued.

Irrespective of the validity that such quantification methods contain, it is important to know that no self assessment is complete without a holistic appraisal of the entire bodyís health along with attempts to cure or bring relief to the tinnitus problem. A cure for Tinnitus is intrinsically linked to the entire health of the body.

Tinnitus Handicap Inventory

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Tinnitus Handicap Inventory

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