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Thank God, there is nothing to despair since tinnitus help is near at hand! But I would rather keep the secret away from you for a while since it involves a fair amount sacrificing the ‘creature comforts’ that are often difficult to discard. Meanwhile, why not take a closer look at what has caused those hissing, whooshing, ringing, buzzing, humming and drumming noise in your head or ears to turn you roving mad, like it does in most people.

If the doctor has found nothing wrong with your auditory system and has diagnosed the causative factor as stress, there are several ways to reduce it to a reasonable limit. Of course you cannot do away with stress altogether if you happen to be a nervy New Yorker or a brave Boston brunette eking out a living that calls for immense competition. But you can still curb it by practicing Yoga and deep breathing. This may give you the desired relief, at least there are some people who feel that it works.

Cause of Tinnitus

By the way, have you checked your own lifestyle that may have been providing the contributing factors resulting in tinnitus? Test out your food habits, eliminate meat from your menu for a few days and see the result. May be the disturbing noise patterns will be eliminated too. Also, try it out with the alcohols. Gin was probably fine during your salad days but no more now at 50+. For heaven’s sake, cut it out today and see the difference. In short, you will have to apply a trial and error method till you hit the contributing factor high on the head and get rid of it.

Tinnitus Remedies

Herbs, you know, have been helping humanity since ages with their curative values and tinnitus is no exception to this. Think of the Egyptians who were bothered with tinnitus as far back as in 1600 B.C. and depended mostly on herbal remedies for relief. The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra was also a victim of tinnitus. However, she must have had enough of problems with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony to pay heed to the ringing in her sensuous auditory organs that were overburdened with espionage stories. But Aristotle sure had tinnitus and he often used herbal concoctions as relief measures. You can try out Gingko Biloba, which is an herb that is noted for improving blood circulation in the head and the neck region. Tinnitus is also caused due to poor blood circulation in the area. Black Cohosh can be effective, but the best option would be to sip a mixture of Gingko and Cohosh first thing in the morning for about a week.

By now you must have been wondering as to why I am not all in praise of the OTC medications for tinnitus that the TV and the press is all agog about. Well, never mind the ‘press releases’ and the ‘testimonials’. The fact remains that, in many cases these are just anti-depressants or anti-allergic medications that can provide fleeting relief but are loaded with side effects to last you a lifetime. These include constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, headache , memory loss, tremor in the limbs and many more.

Although Lidocaine infusion may give you temporary relief from tinnitus, this is no cure for the disease that is responsible for tinnitus. This method of treating tinnitus is extremely short-lived, as it remains effective from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours at the maximum – and it does not suit all as well. If your tinnitus has resulted from a benign tumor in the middle ear, Lidocaine injections will be of zero effect. The same is the case if relative Lidocaine insensitivity runs in your family. In short, why take such a hefty stake for so little benefit?

Even going for homeopathic cures can be an option. Even though homeopaths do not mince words about the curative power of their products, stating in no uncertain manner that they can only provide relief to the symptoms, some of their titrations do provide a respite if all other physical, psychological, metaphysical, habitual and even genetic symptoms of the patient match with those stated in their pharmacopeias .

Holistic Remedies Offer The Best Tinnitus Cure

However if you truly want some tinnitus help that is 100% effective and long-lasting, you will need to turn to holistic remedies. Most of the cures mentioned above just treat the symptoms, whereas the disease remains within the body, and so, as soon as the effect of the treatment goes away, the symptoms come back. The holistic approach on the other hand treats the body as a whole and identifies the root causes of the problem and then suggests remedies that always offer a quick and effective cure.


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