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Tinnitus in Children: PROTECT Your Kid against Tinnitus

Although tinnitus is an auditory abnormality that is often associated with old age or related to middle age health issues, studies have shown that tinnitus in children is as much a reality as in adults. Just as a head injury, wax built up or ear infections might lead to tinnitus in adults, so can it in children. The presence of tinnitus in very small children is often overlooked because it is difficult to detect. Only when a child is of an age to accurately describe the problem does the child get attention for tinnitus.

Circumstances that typify tinnitus in children:

        Tinnitus in children is characterized by the presence of abnormal sounds in the auditory canal in the absence of any external sounds. These sounds might be mild or high depending on the nature of the tinnitus and its origins.

         Small children often do not distinguish tinnitus sounds as an abnormality. They are likely to think that the sounds are normal and everyone hears them.

         An overly active child might be able to keep her mind off the tinnitus sounds in the day time and show signs of sleep disorder at nights when it is difficult to ignore the problem. Yet children might not be able to indicate the source of the problem.

        As children grow older sudden behavioral changes might indicate a tinnitus problem.

         May times, the cause of tinnitus in children might be a simple case of wax built up or something that accompanies a temporary sinus problem. Often, such tinnitus symptoms will go away without anybody knowing that they came and went.

         However, at times tinnitus can also be a congenital condition in a child. In such cases the possibility should be examined through consultations with a pediatrician. A parent needs to closely monitor infants and small children to check for any signs of constant discomfort.

         A child with tinnitus that cannot be cured requires special attention in order to help her cope with the situation and made to understand that tinnitus is a common problem.

         The good news is that many children who have taken tinnitus treatments tend to show a better response to the treatments than an adult does. 

As with all cases of tinnitus, the most effective attempt at resolving the condition is through a holistic evaluation of the body to identify the root cause of tinnitus and tackle it with a multi disciplinary approach to healing the entire well being of the body.

Tinnitus In Children

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Tinnitus In Children

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