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Tinnitus after Military Service:
Noise Induced Tinnitus

Noise induced tinnitus is what one might refer to as military tinnitus . This is especially relevant to those who have been on active service in the military since the period of the World War II onwards. The immense effect that noise has on the hearing faculties of our ears is best exemplified by military service men that are posted on duties that require them to be regularly exposed to loud noise levels.

Tinnitus Associated with Military Service:

There are a few peculiar features that are typical of noise induced tinnitus associated with the armed forces.

·         Armed forces personnel are regularly exposed to potentially damaging noise levels during their years in active duty.

·         There is a high instance of military men afflicted by some hearing related complications during or after their tenure in active duty.

·        Repeated exposure to loud noises like gun shots, artillery, aircraft noise etc can cause serious damage to the ear. Guns are capable of producing very high frequency acoustic energy that can cause damage to hearing ability when heard repeatedly over time.

·         Military tinnitus can result from a hearing loss related problem because of damage to the inner ear or as is more common, from damage to nerves in the lining of the auditory canal.

·         Some of the common symptoms of military tinnitus are – hearing ringing or buzzing sounds in the ear or the head in the absence of any external sounds. This condition can vary in pitch and frequency. Other hearing related problems that might occur are dizziness and extreme discomfort under loud sounds.  This condition is also often accompanied by depression and anxiety.

·         Until recently there were no concerns for taking steps to reduce or muffle noises for military men since the relation of noise to subsequent tinnitus problems were not clearly identified or understood.

·         More recent studies have brought to light the fact that acoustic trauma and neurosensorial hearing disability are very real consequences of exposure to high noise level, particularly those that are heard in close proximity gun shots.

·         While some military tinnitus go away after a short spell. Others stay on for a life time and can seriously affect a person’s quality of life and mental health.

While a lot of expenditure is incurred in trying to treat military tinnitus, many ex servicemen are left running from pillar to post in search of a cure or lasting relief from the sounds of tinnitus. Very few have taken it on themselves to seek out a more fulfilling option of curing tinnitus in a holistic manner.

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