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Tinnitus relief is possible, only if the patient and the attending physician are not too much obsessed with OTC medications that create more side effects than providing relief. Beside, there is a tendency to treat the symptoms, rather than the disease – yes, in most cases this is what happens and this is precisely why the disease very often makes a comeback. While some doctors believe that the ringing tones are caused due to blockage of the Eustachian tube, others feel that sinusitis is the real culprit. Yet another school of thought puts the blame on damaged inner ear (Cochlear ) nerve that is responsible for remitting those buzzing tones. However, those who suspect stress or anxiety (high level) to be the cause of tinnitus seem to be nearer to the finishing line.

Let Us Take A Closer Look At Some Of The Conventional Medications That Are Often Prescribed For Tinnitus Relief

The more common drugs, Ginko Biloba and Botulinum toxin are hot favorites with doctors treating tinnitus in the hope that these would bring the much desired relief. However, in most cases, they know quite well that the good spell will last a few days before the person has to return to the clinic. There are some medicos who suggest Gamma knife radio-surgery (Glomus Juglaire) as well, and you need to be careful here because this is quite costly. Needless to mention, the effects are transitory and the ringing starts with a renewed vigor shortly thereafter.

Believe it or not, there are practicing physicians in theUnited States who are quite fond of magical performances and would not mind injecting Lidocaine (a type of local anesthesia) into the inner ear – however, this provides relief for a maximum period of 22 minutes and the charge is a very hefty one. Others like to play with the patient’s ear, trying to shield the Cochlea with Teflon coating in the sheer hope that the Teflon would remain within the human ear like those in a non-stick frying pan!

And as far as drugs, supplements and nutrients that are commonly used in the faint hope of providing relief to tinnitus sufferers, there are formulations galore and are so listed below for your reference. However, it may also be good to remember that these are all addressed to symptoms but never the disease.

Tinnitus Treatment – The Conventional Medications

  • Tricyclics (Amitriotyline, Notriptyline, etc)
  • Propranolol/ Clonazepam
  • Acamprostrate
  • Ligocaine for patients responsive to white noise masking
  • Melatonin for those who are also victims of sleep apnea
  • Setraline
  • Sodium Fluoride
  • Hordes of antibiotics that often creates tinnitus.
  • Vitamin supplements in various forms and degrees

The Only Tinnitus Cure That Really Works

We seem to have been beating around the bush all this while without coming into grips with the actual problem. No permanent relief to tinnitus sufferers can be provided with these drugs or supplements since none of them are addressed to the disease or its root cause. All they do is merely try to suppress the symptoms. In fact, only a holistic approach towards eliminating the ailment at the grass root level will provide the desired relief.

Tinnitus home remedies and also some herbal solutions may not be effective when you are looking for a permanent treatment. And of course, the conventional remedies will never work and the reasons for that have been mentioned above. Though most people are not aware of this, but the fact remains that, tinnitus is quite a complicated condition as it can be caused due to many reasons. Yes there are many contributing factors and there are also several triggers (such as sinus problems and stress) that shoot off the symptoms. Homeopathic remedies, white noise and habitation therapies will of course give you some relief, but the results will never be permanent as the problems will almost always make a comeback.

So what you should do is find out all the contributing root factors of tinnitus (there can be many such factors) and once these root causes have been treated, the tinnitus is sure to go away for good. In fact, this is the only way you can treat tinnitus and remove it permanently. Holistic remedies are very good in this because this is what they do – instead of treating the symptoms, they find out the root causes and eradicate them successfully. No wonder, holistic remedies have been so successful in the treatment of tinnitus.


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