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Does Tumor Cause Tinnitus?

One of the fairly common causes of the objective variety of tinnitus can be the presence of a tumor or a tumor like growth in the head and neck regions. Tinnitus caused by tumor will typically manifest a pulsating kind of sound in the ear.

What Is Tinnitus

There are several aspects to this medical condition that require understanding of the nature of tinnitus, in order to fully comprehend tinnitus cause and cure. Tinnitus is a medical condition that cause ringing or buzzing types of sounds in the ear without the presence of any actual sounds in the external environment. These sounds are more a symptom than a disease by itself. Most tinnitus sounds indicate another problem of health and in several cases that problem need not originate in the auditory pathways at all. Amongst the many causes, any obstruction in the vascular system can affect the functioning of the nerves lining the auditory canal and can lead to an abnormality in the sound signals that are transmitted from the ear to the brain. Additionally, any difference in the blood flow through the arterial system can be picked up by the ear causing a new and constant sound in the ear.

Essentially, tinnitus caused by tumors can originate as a result of many types of tumors that can grow in the ear.

The various tumors are:

There are diverse types of glomus tumors, ceruminoma, papillary tumors, glandular tumors, or even vascular malformations. There are many other variants of tumor or growths that can occur in the auditory canal.

These types of tumors can occur in the external auditory canal, or the middle ear.

Tumors growing in any section of the ear canal can directly or indirectly cause the auditory nerves to malfunction.

Any symptom of tinnitus needs to be examined by a physician in order to correctly establish the real cause of the problem and in the case of a tumor, the precise location of the tumor. Often, tinnitus caused by a tumor might be accompanied by other symptoms as well such as heaviness in the ear area, imbalance, dizziness, and loss of hearing or even facial paralysis in some cases.

Tumors in the ear are rare, but the possibilities exist and an ear examination in case of any discomfort in the area is advisable. Most ear tumors can be surgically removed by an audiologist or an otolaryngologist. Usually the removal of the ear tumor will take care of the tinnitus as well. Follow up holistic treatment of the body can ensure that tinnitus stays away for good.

Tinnitus Tumor

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