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Tinnitus And Temporal Headache Link EXPOSED

Tinnitus is often accompanied by headache since both mostly originate from the same cause, which involves stress. However, when tinnitus is linked with temporal headache that originates from the temporal bone which is a fairly complex anatomical structure and located at the skull above the ear containing the organ of hearing, it requires thorough investigation.

However, here is a listing that describes some of the causative factors which are found responsible for tinnitus with temporal headache .

The Factors That Cause Tinnitus with Temporal Headache

# 1 is Stress which is responsible both for tinnitus and headache that has originated from the temporal bone structure. In fact, high level of sustained stress and anxiety in people whose profession or calling is constantly under threat mostly become victims of this distressing disorder. Tranquilizers and sedatives can at least cure the symptoms, though they have far reaching side effects.

# 2 is Insomnia or lack of sleep as many case studies concerning tinnitus with temporal headache have revealed. Globe trotting multi-National CEOs that miss sleep more because of jet lag problems are the usual victims of this type of traumatic tribulations. International tele-callers who are used to skip sleep to justify world time zones also complain of tinnitus with temporal headache. However, no medications are needed for this type of physical discomfort since it will be cured automatically when the person can sleep peacefully for seven hours daily.

# 3 relates to subarachnoid hemorrhage that involves bleeding into the subarachnoid space within the brain which may happen spontaneously from a ruptured cerebral aneurysm or may result from severe head injury. However, the incidence is extremely rare and low, reported cases in the United States being 1 in 15,000 till this date.

# 4 is linked with Lumber puncture in which cerebrospinal fluid is collected with the help of a needle from the lumber sac. However, it takes around 12 hours for the headache to start after the procedure has been completed.

However, current researchers have found millions of Americans who suffer from chronic facial, shoulder and neck pain as also from nagging temporal headache. Plus, there are ear symptoms that include ringing, buzzing, crackling sounds that are heard in one or both of the ears and these are commonly termed as problems of tinnitus.

Tinnitus With Temporal Headache : Secondary Factors

Contrary to the previous contention that tried to explain away these troublesome episodes as “all due to stress”, it is known today that a family or group of conditions termed as Temporomandibular Disorder or TMD is responsible for it. It has also been determined that the headache and the ear ringing are symptoms of the disorder and not the disorder itself. Therefore, the cure for these symptoms will be most effective once the TMD is taken care of.

It has also been further ascertained that the congestion, loss of hearing, ear ringing, etc. along with temporal headache are associated with a condition that is known as TMJ disorders or Temporomandibular Joint. Apart from the fact that that the TMJ is located very near to the person’s ear, there are a group of mechanisms that are believed to create ear symptoms to a great extent. For instance, muscles that are directly linked to the ear get their nerves from the similar nerve that works for jaw muscles. Under such circumstances, it is easy to foresee that a minor misreading of signals can affect a change in muscles that are linked with ear, causing those random noises in the ear. Moreover, a ligament (Pinto’s Ligament) adjoins the TMJ with smaller bones ensconced in the mid ear. Of course, the question of ‘stress’ is also present here since it is thought that symptoms linked with TMD may also occur if the stress is transferred from TMJ to mid ear. This episode is currently termed as Otomandibular Syndrome that has been mentioned by Harold Arlan, MD, Otolaryngology Surgery’s Assistant Clinical Professor at the Medicine College and Dentistry of N. Jersey and Rudkers Medical School. 

It has also been observed that certain types of ototoxic medications that include antibiotics, viz. Aminoglycosides, Vancomycin and Erythromycin; Chemotherapy agents and quinine that are responsible for tinnitus can also cause troublesome temporal headache in elderly patients. The toxicity present in most of these drugs is believed to cause irritation in the temporal structure in the skull, thereby giving rise to pain and discomfort in that region.

Temporal headache is one of the symptoms of tinnitus and while it is important to get rid of this, trying to just eradicate the symptom will never work. What you should do instead is try to eradicate the disease itself. However this is where conventional medications make a mistake. There are many root causes of tinnitus and it is necessary to identify all of them and then eradicate then, and once done, the symptoms such as temporal headache will go away on its own. This is the approach of holistic remedies and this is why it works so well for tinnitus.


Tinnitus With Temporal   Headache

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Tinnitus With Temporal   Headache

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