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Does Tryptophan Really Work For Tinnitus?

Several claims have been made about tryptophan and tinnitus relief. However there are as many cases wherein tryptophan has been seen to generate other health complications when used to treat patients with tinnitus.

Why is Tryptophan Prescribed for Tinnitus?

·         In a number of cases tinnitus is either caused or aggravated by anxiety and stress (as is the case with a whole lot of other health conditions). Clinical depression is often treated with medication in order to bring about a ‘quick fix’ stress reduction. This is where the amino acid tryptophan comes in.

·         Tryptophan has been used in drug forms as an effective anti depressant, in cases where stress reduction is a key to alleviate extreme breakdown of health from long term stress induced repercussions.

·         Tryptophan has been a popular drug to use in treating tinnitus – an auditory abnormality where a person hears ringing or buzzing sounds in the ear or head region in the absence of any external sounds. This condition is created when the nerves that line the auditory canal is damaged or becomes overly sensitized for many reasons. The anti depressant qualities of tryptophan have been seen to provide positive results in bringing relief from the sounds of tinnitus. 

·         Sometimes tryptophan is also prescribed to treat insomnia that can accompany the condition of tinnitus.

However, the treatment of tinnitus through tryptophan does not come without its drawbacks. There are some known and some suspected (not verified) side effects that the drug tryptophan is known to create.

Some of the Known Side Effects of Tryptophan Use:

·        As with a host of other medications and drugs, tryptophan may work well with some and might not produce as much positive results in others. In certain cases there are serious consequences of long term use of tryptophan.

·      In some cases tryptophan has been known to actually intensify depression

·        Tryptophan is also known to create nervous system disorders in many

·         Tryptophan is also known to have created side effects that manifest in tinnitus symptoms

Tryptophan and tinnitus is an ironic case where a drug that is used to treat a condition is also responsible for creating the condition in many instances.

Under the circumstances it makes more sense to conclude that the best ways of stress reduction is perhaps through natural ways and holistic means of attending to physical and mental sources of anxiety and stress.   

Tryptophan And Tinnitus

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Tryptophan And Tinnitus

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