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Unilateral Pulsatile Tinnitus

Those people who are suffering from pulsatile tinnitus can hear the resonance of their own heartbeat or pulse, and thus is the name of the disease. They can hear this because of constricted blood flow in the arteries that runs through the head and neck region and is mostly unilateral, which means that it can be heard in one ear (bilateral involves both the ears) and this is considered to be subjective in nature. Although the word tinnitus has been derived from the Latin word ‘tinnire’ meaning “to ring” or a “ringing” sound, it often involves a hissing, buzzing, roaring and clicking sound too. This is due to their persistence all through the day and night, month after month and year after year and this can drive a person crazy.

Subjective Tinnitus (that can be heard only by the person involved and no one else) is mostly caused by and associated with otologic disorders involving two types of hearing problems. They are Conductive and Sensorineural. While conductive loss of hearing involves inhibition of transmission of sound to the inner ear, sensorineural loss of hearing is caused due to a disease, infection or abnormality in the inner ear. The reticence can be caused due to several factors that include inflammation of the external acoustic canal from the otis externa, cerumen impaction, perforation of the tympanic membrane, accumulation of excessive fluids in the middle ear as also from Otosclerosis, indicating abnormalities of the Ossicular bone chain. Moreover, it may also happen on account of problems arising out of the cochlear part of the 8th cranial nerve. Some of the common etiologic factors responsible for this type of hearing loss include NIHL or Noise-induced Hearing Loss and/or Presbycusis that stands for Progressive Loss of Hearing with advancing age.

Some Causes Of Unilateral Pulsatile Tinnitus

Even though there is nothing fatal about unilateral pulsatile tinnitus , it can nevertheless be caused by aneurysm that is indicated by heightened pressure in the head (hydrocephalus) and hardening of the blood vessels, which is a rather serious condition. Besides, the carotid artery and the jugular vein both of which are located quite close to the inner ear are likely to conduct noise to it. A vein akin to a varicose vein can create noise in the ear too. Another rare possibility for unilateral pulsatile tinnitus may include ‘dehiscence’ or missing bone of the jugular bulb which represents the skull area that contains the jugular vein and an atypically placed carotid artery. This fact appears to have been gleaned from a post mortem examination that was conducted on a person suffering from unilateral pulsatile tinnitus. Hyperthyroidism, low blood viscosity, erratic blood flow in the head and neck region mostly causes this kind of irritating disease condition.

How Does Unilateral Pulsatile Tinnitus Affect A Person?

Patients suffering from unilateral pulsatile tinnitus are characteristically affected simultaneously in two ways – one from giddiness, vertigo and unilateral feeling of fullness in the ear while the other involves continuous hearing of pulse beats.

Some Techniques for Tinnitus Relief

Although no medical treatment for tinnitus – subjective or objective has been discovered yet (at least through the conventional mode of treatment), but there are some people at least who get their freedom from unilateral pulsatile tinnitus by adopting a holistic way of treatment for this agonizing ailment. This may include the following regimen.

  • Eliminating meat and/or meat-based food items like ham (smoked or otherwise), bacon, sausages, salamis as well as beef, pork or other kinds of meat from daily diet

  • Eliminating Tinned or processed food from daily diet

  • Eliminating Fried and spicy food from daily food menu

  • Eliminating Fast food ( - the same -)

  • Abstaining from drinking alcohol or alcohol-based beverages

  • Including fruits and vegetables in daily diet

  • Including fibrous items like whole grain bread, organic food and dry fruits in daily diet

  • Practicing yoga and deep breathing

  • Leading less stressful life

By following the above lifestyle, it may be easily surmised, will lead to a condition that would automatically cure all the three following factors that are primarily responsible for unilateral pulsating tinnitus…

  • Acute sinusitis
  • Stress and tension
  • Cochlear nerve damage.

But the holistic methods of treatment are actually much more than practicing Yoga and changing the diet. In this method, the body is treated as a whole to identify the root causes of the problem, and the correct remedy (which can be diet and lifestyle changes, Yoga, herbs, acupuncture and others) is prescribed only after this. Conventional remedies on the other hand just treat the symptoms without trying to find out the root causes and get rid of them. This is why holistic remedies are so much more successful in unilateral pulsating tinnitus .


Unilateral Pulsatile Tinnitus

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Unilateral Pulsatile Tinnitus

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