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Vascular Cognitive Impairment
Non-Dementia Tinnitus

Vascular cognitive impairment non-dementia tinnitus is usually an age related condition that displays symptoms of tinnitus as a result of vascular degenerations that are typical of old age.

How do vascular conditions result in tinnitus?

As one ages, there are certain changes that occur in the vascular system in our bodies. Usually a thickening of the blood vessels is seen as substances such as cholesterol and other matter start accumulating on the walls of the vessels and causes a gradual thickening and hardening of the blood vessels walls.

The consequent narrowing down of the blood vessels walls obstruct smooth flow of blood to some parts of the body. Sometimes this situation can be serious and can possibly result in greatly reducing the blood flow to a certain region; sometimes there is a complete blockage and a resultant cessation of blood supply to an area. When such a situation occurs in the brain it can potentially result in a stroke . Depending on the location of the damage caused, a lot of times this kind of stroke can lead to some form of cognitive loss for example, loss of memory, loss of the ability to speak, loss or reduction of certain skills etc.  This is a typical case of vascular cognitive impairment.

Vascular cognitive impairment is not always described as dementia which is typically a slow process and not a result of a vascular problem. Many case studies have brought to light the fact that a health situation triggered by a stroke can possibly cause tinnitus symptoms to arise. A vascular cognitive impairment non-dementia tinnitus is not an uncommon phenomenon. 

Tinnitus that Caused by vascular cognitive impairment:

         Tinnitus symptoms that result from vascular cognitive impairment cause ringing or humming kinds of sounds in the ear in the absence of external sounds.

         Such types of tinnitus sounds are heard in the ear or in the head regions because of an abnormality in the manner in which the sounds signals from the ears are perceived by the brain.

         Depending on the exact nature of cognitive damage in the brain, the tinnitus symptoms can vary widely in people. Sometimes the tinnitus is mild and temporary and at other times the tinnitus sounds can be intense and can carry on for a longer duration.

         Many times tinnitus symptoms resulting from vascular origins can be treated at the early stages using multi disciplinary and holistic methods of healing the body and the tinnitus sounds.


Vascular Cognitive Impairment Non-Dementia Tinnitus

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Vascular Cognitive Impairment Non-Dementia Tinnitus

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