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Vascular Tinnitus:
Causes, Symptoms and CURE

Among the plethora of causes that can give rise to tinnitus symptoms vascular tinnitus is a fairly known occurrence. This type of tinnitus has its origins in the vascular system of the body. Any abnormalities or ill health that is related to the vascular functions can create tinnitus symptoms usually a pulsatile (sounds or noise that have a rhythmic pattern which beats in time with the heart beat) kind of ringing or rushing sounds in the ear or head that is audible without the presence of any external sounds. Sometimes such pulsatile sounds can be heard by a physician as well during an examination. At other times the sounds are audible only to the person undergoing vascular tinnitus. Vascular tinnitus is often referred to as pulsatile tinnitus as well.

Common factors that can possibly cause vascular tinnitus:

         Any arterial turbulence caused by some arteriovenous malfunctions can create symptoms of vascular tinnitus. Such abnormalities can be in the form of an abnormal collection of arteries and veins especially when it occurs close to the paraauditory structures, when the abnormal sounds of blood flow is easily picked up by the auditory nerves that line the ear canal. Since these sounds have a rhythmic pattern, they are often heard as pulsatile tinnitus sounds. The pitch of these sounds can vary from person to person. This condition can be congenital and are often accompanied with other symptoms as well.

         Severe traumas caused by any injury to the head or the neck regions can also create vascular tinnitus symptoms when such injuries lead to damage in an artery or creation of a sinus fistula.

         Several middle ear conditions can also give rise to vascular tinnitus. For instance, an infection, or inflammation, some fluid accumulation, or any Eustachian tube dysfunction can all result in abnormalities in the middle ear and the consequent rise of tinnitus sounds in the ear.

         Vascular tumors are other known causes of tinnitus, especially when the growth or tumor is located in the regions of the head and neck.

         Hypertension and its related conditions can lead to the creation of humming or rushing tinnitus sounds due to turbulence in the manner of blood flow. This condition will have other ramifications as well.

Many of the vascular tinnitus cases are curable through various treatments depending on the nature of the origins. A holistic treatment of the body yields the best results in attempts to cure vascular tinnitus.


Vascular Tinnitus

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Vascular Tinnitus

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