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Vestibular Disorder with Tinnitus:
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Clinically speaking, tinnitus and vestibular disorders originate from the same source – the inner ear. In other words, Tinnitus and Vertigo are more or less interrelated. Human ear is provided, among others, with an acoustic or hearing nerve and a balancing or vestibular nerve. However, when something goes wrong with them, problems occur in the form of symptoms that manifest in the following ways.

  •  When the vestibular nerve or the balancing nerve is damaged or disturbed, balancing problems such as dizziness, vertigo, etc. show themselves up.

  • When the acoustic or hearing nerve is injured, hearing problems such as loss of hearing, Tinnitus, etc. become evident. 

Vestibular Disorder and Tinnitus Common Causes

In order to understand the underlying causes of vestibular disorder, i.e. dizziness, vertigo, etc. and tinnitus with its symptoms of ringing in the ear, it may be pertinent to know that the body’s own immune system and its inflammatory response system also play significant roles in these two issues. The immune system, as we know, tries to keep the body in a healthy state, maintaining the balance and proportion in the right percentage. However, when this gets weakened, the vigil becomes impaired and any form of infection affecting the inner ear remains unchecked. This in turn affects the nerves that control the acoustics as well as the balancing or the vestibular nerves, as a result of which, Tinnitus and vestibular disorders materialize in an otherwise healthy person.

As for the inflammatory response, which is a fairly significant healthy issue, it sometimes takes a wrong move. When a person accidentally injures a toe, the inflammatory response immediately comes into action and the toe may swell up with extra fluids. In fact, the system tries to wash out this additional fluid accumulation. The same happens when an eye is exposed to dust – the extra fluid comes in the form of tears to wash it out.

Vestibular Disorder With Tinnitus – How It Happens

But when this happens to the inner ear, the effects run almost to the contrary. Under normal circumstances, the inner ear has its own limited quota of fluid to keep the hearing process healthy. But when it gets injured or becomes infected, the inflammatory system floods the inner ear with additional fluid in an effort to wash it out, too. But within its limited space, the fluid finds no room to expand and this is what creates pressure. However, the pressure so created can hardly affect the bones or cartilages save and except the soft tissues that consist of the acoustic or the vestibular nerves, or perhaps both at the same time. When it affects the acoustic nerves, they start sending random impulses to the brain and the brain in turn starts transmitting random noise patterns to the ear that often takes the form of ringing, buzzing, wheezing, crackling sound waves. The effect of pressure on the vestibular nerves is almost similar too. The unusual pressure on the nerve upsets the balancing process that manifests in the form of dizziness, vertigo, loss of balance, etc.

From the foregoing paragraphs it is evident that for people who tend to suffer from this disorder (as in Meniere’s Disease ), maintaining constancy in the body’s fluid/blood is rather essential. Even though several relatable guidelines are proffered by the medical profession that include even distribution of the food and beverage intake, shunning food items that contain a high level of amino acids which are present in smoked meats, red wine, chicken liver and others like this, the only real answer to the problem lies in taking a holistic approach towards the disease in the following fashion.

Holistic Guidelines To Cure Vestibular Disorder With Tinnitus

  • Cut down the consumption of meat or meat-based food items like ham, sausage, bacon, liver, etc.

  • Give up alcohol or alcohol-based beverages.

  • Consume fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantity. Also good are organic food, food that are rich in vitamins.

  • Start yoga and Vedic exercises including deep breathing

  • Give up smoking altogether. This includes cigarette smoking or pipe smoking, no matter how much nicotine they are supposed to filter out.

  • Do not indulge in using medicated nasal sprays or ear drops.

  • Do not go for antibiotics or ototoxic medications unless an infection turns septic and that too only according the guidance of known medical practitioner.

  • Lead simple, uncomplicated life and arrange to have adequate sleep.

  • Discontinue all medications save and except those that are essential for any special type of disease condition that requires all-time consumption.

  • Change lifestyle, if necessary; remain healthy for the rest of your life.

Treating the body as a whole, holistic remedies first tries to identify the root causes of tinnitus and only then suggests the remedies. This is actually the much better response and the result is also thus more effective. Conventional medications on the other hand just treat the symptoms of the disease without looking into the root causes that are causing them. So, though the symptoms might go away, but they make a quick comeback because the root causes remain within the body.


Vestibular Disorder With Tinnitus

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Vestibular Disorder With Tinnitus

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