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Vitamin D:
Does It Help In Tinnitus Treatment?

Deficiency of vitamin D has been found to be one of the factors that may contribute to the onset of tinnitus. The presence of vitamin D in the body helps maintain ideal levels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood. Vitamin D in combination with calcium helps in building and maintaining healthy bones and joints and maintaining overall health.

Importance of Vitamin D for the Body:

The best source of vitamin D is sunshine. Our bodies require sunshine in order to produce vitamin D. Other major sources of vitamin D are milk, fish, eggs and cod liver oil. These foods are also high in calcium and therefore prove easy for the body to readily absorb and assimilate the vitamin for the body’s use. Where sunshine is not abundant, vitamin D supplements or vitamin D fortified foods need to be taken in order to maintain correct levels of this essential nutrient in the body.

Low levels of vitamin D can lead to bones becoming weak and brittle, weakness in the body, immune deficiency, hearing problems or even seizures. Any of these conditions can in turn cause symptomatic manifestations in the body in the form of tinnitus, amongst other aspects.

A treatment pertaining to vitamin D deficiency has been seen to yield positive results in treatment of some cases of patients with tinnitus symptoms that arise due to causes located in regions of the ear. Cod liver oil supplements especially have a high record of encouraging results in finding relief from the tinnitus sounds in the ear.

Can Vitamin D Bring about Complete Tinnitus Cure?

Although vitamin D is clinically proven to contain numerous benefits for the body, reliance on any one course of treatment to deal with tinnitus is not recommended to find a complete and lasting solution to tinnitus. This is so for the simple reason that tinnitus is a condition that can have many different causes and triggers. If the additional supplements of vitamin D is found to provide relief then the add-on should be continued; however efforts to find ways to completely reverse the tinnitus or in more serious conditions to reduce the intensity of the problem should continue simultaneously.

The advantages of a holistic approach to treating tinnitus are incomparable vis-ŕ-vis following a single focus treatment. Natural ways of keeping our body fit can go a long way in raising our immunity to diseases and boosting our body’s resilience.


Vitamin D Tinnitus

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