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Vitamins & Minerals:
Are they Safe in Tinnitus?

Although vitamin and minerals are essential for our well being, one needs to be aware that in certain cases vitamins and minerals can cause tinnitus symptoms. One needs to be extremely careful about overdoing a good thing.

How can vitamins and minerals cause tinnitus?

Since tinnitus can be caused or triggered by many circumstances, any side effects of an over dose of vitamins and minerals can directly or indirectly lead to the appearance of tinnitus symptoms that are displayed as sounds in the auditory canal or the head in the absence of outside sounds.

Excessive intake of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A or niacin is sometimes indirectly held responsible for the cause of tinnitus and for that matter, many other complications.

One needs to be additionally aware of certain known vitamins and minerals that can lead to detrimental health issues which can possibly manifest in many forms and signs of ill health.

·         Vitamin A overdose can potentially cause serious damage to the nervous system of the body.  One of the commonly accepted causes of tinnitus is neurological malfunctions.

·         Vitamin E overdose can potentially cause blood related problems and induce general weakness in the body. Many causes of tinnitus especially the pulsatile types are attributed to blood pressure related problems. The body’s general health is also considered to contain a deep rooted link to the occurrence of tinnitus.

·         Overdose of minerals such as zinc is known to cause weakness to the immune system of the body. Apart from a host of health problems that this situation can trigger, tinnitus could very well be one of them.

·         Excessive presence of iron in the body is also known to cause several complications that include heart problems of various nature.

·         There are less established consequences of many other vitamins and minerals. The bottom line in all aspects of supplements to a diet is that it is necessary to make sure that one keeps within the limits of the daily recommended values of vitamins and minerals.

For a more dependable relief from the sounds of tinnitus, it is best not to rely on any one manner of dealing with the problem. Along with a multi disciplinary approach, a holistic way of keeping the entire body in good health through a nutritionally rich diet and healthy life style can provide great rewards in terms of regaining lost health.        

Vitamins & Minerals That Cause Tinnitus

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Vitamins & Minerals That Cause Tinnitus

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