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Vitamins and Herbs That Cure Tinnitus: Scam or The Real Deal?

Tinnitus, like most otologic disorders and other health issues, can display signs of improvements with the intake of vitamins and herbs that cure tinnitus. However, there is a mistaken perception that vitamins and herbs can be used at random without any guidance. Intake of vitamin supplements especially, requires a physician’s advice since an overdose of any particular vitamin is potentially harmful. Likewise, undertaking an herbal treatment also requires some guidance to ensure that the correct herbs are being used for the correct problem.

Reliance on vitamins and herbs alone is not sufficient to cure tinnitus . It is possible that vitamins and herbs can offer relief from tinnitus under certain conditions. However this might not always be true. And there is an underlying danger in over reliance on vitamins and herbs in the sense that the root cause of the tinnitus sounds might be totally ignored. Unless the chief cause of tinnitus is resolved, the abnormal tinnitus sounds in the ear will not go away permanently.

Some popular vitamins and herbs that are known to be beneficial for tinnitus cases:

There are some better known vitamins and herbs that have good reviews of their curing capabilities for tinnitus . Some of these – especially vitamins – have been studied and found to be helpful, for improving auditory conditions like tinnitus. Following are some of the more popular and commonly used vitamins and herbs.

·         Vitamin B-12 – essential for maintaining proper blood and nerve functions.

·         Vitamin B-6 – also known for its nutritional values and upkeep of nerve health

·         Vitamin B-3 – known for activating easy blood flow through the body

·         Folic acid – facilitating the generation of red blood corpuscles. Many people, especially women are seen to be deficient in this vital nutrient

·         Vitamin D – an essential nutrient that combines with other nutrients to benefit the body in many ways

·         Vitamin A – a necessity for good health of all the sensory receptor cells

·         Ginkgo Biloba – a herbal extract

·         Vinpocetine – derived from periwinkle plant

·         Chinese and other herbs

Apart from these vitamins and herbs there are a host of other nutrients and herbs that are extremely beneficial to our bodies. Indeed, low levels of some of these vitamins can cause great harm to our bodies. Health practitioners as well as ancient wisdom has traditionally believed that all nutrients have to be present in our bodies in the right proportion and balance in order to attain holistic treatment and freedom from all diseases.


Vitamins And Herbs That Cure Tinnitus

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Vitamins And Herbs That Cure Tinnitus

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