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Do You REALLY Know What Causes Tinnitus?

For too long it has been believed that tinnitus is caused by ear damaged and was largely considered irreversible; today tinnitus is accepted as treatable when dealt with as part of a deeper problem residing in the general health of a person. The causes of tinnitus are numerous and more often than not are a result of a problem residing outside the ear itself. Therefore causes of tinnitus should be viewed panning the entire body after eliminating some of the more obvious reasons such as a perforated ear drum. 

Circumstances Causing Tinnitus

  • The most common cause for Tinnitus is damage to nerves in the inner ear
  • Sometimes Tinnitus can occur because of a simple ear infection
  • Fluids or excess wax deposits in the ear is also known to create symptoms of Tinnitus
  • Infection of the middle ear or even in the ear drum itself can lead to Tinnitus
  • Sometimes advancing age related issues can cause Tinnitus
  • Constant exposure to loud noise of any kind can also lead to Tinnitus
  • Many times, reaction to a prescribed medication can also cause Tinnitus
  • Overuse of certain products like aspirin is also believed to cause Tinnitus
  • Abnormal growths such as a tumor in the brain can cause Tinnitus
  • Tinnitus could be associated with hearing loss or Vertigo
  • Factors like substance abuse or excess caffeine can induce Tinnitus
  • Severe injuries in the head or neck regions can cause Tinnitus
  • Lifestyle related disease like severe hypertension or blocked blood vessels also cause Tinnitus
  • Being connected to the general nervous system of the body, ear function can be affected by psychological conditions such as anxiety, depression or trauma.
  • Tinnitus can be a result of other health issues in the body such as anemia, cervical spondylosis or the presence of toxins, allergies etc.

Tinnitus A Symptom or a Disease?

Since the condition displays different characteristics and is often associated with other related physical conditions, Tinnitus is treated differently either as a disease with medication and other non conventional ways to provide relief; or as symptomatic with a more holistic approach to dealing with the overall/inherent problem. In either case, proper diagnosis by a certified physician is of utmost importance before one decides on the course of action to be taken. Since causes leading to Tinnitus are wide ranging it is recommended that one seeks out the root causes of the problem by evaluating the overall health of the body.


What Causes Tinnitus

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What Causes Tinnitus

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